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A black expanse dotted with stars that appear to be gradually diminishing in number, the Noctisphere is Gahla's final frontier. All attempts to reach it have met a fiery end due to the aurothurgic storms of the Levinlights.   Legends say that out in the Farsea, daemons and leviathans, even more horrifying than those encountered in the Deepsea, hunger to see mankind fall to chaos and suffering. Fortunately, for as long as we've known, the wards of Auros-Rei have held together, and incinerated the interlopers in a crackling blaze of righteous skyfire, before their corrupting influence enters our humble domain. Nonetheless, it cannot be ignored that certain shifts and movements in the night sky have been observed to correspond with leviathan attacks.

Cover image: by Paul Nash (PD)