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Galea is a world populated by anthropomorphic creatures operating at an information-age level of technology. The presence of magic is a hotly debated subject in the world, and can be or not be present depending on the story being told.   Politically, the world in the modern era is split between two Cold War-esque blocs and a set of non-aligned states. One is the Panthalassa Alliance, composed of several independent states including Alcora, the home of many of our protagonists. The other is the Remian Bloc, composed of a collection of satellite states and the dominant Remian Republic. These political blocs mostly fight it out in the Global Council with words, but sometimes the conflict goes hot between proxy states.   The world is in disarray due to the impact of the Sotiris asteroid, a disaster that struck just before the turn of the millennium. While the world cooperated for the most part on defense systems to prevent global mass extinction, damage wasn't equally distributed across the world. Panthalassa Alliance nations were hit to varying degrees, and the aggressive expansion of the Remian Bloc is largely due to Remia taking a large amount of meteor impacts.   For real-world analogues, Remian Bloc is essentially a Russia/Roman Empire hybrid, and the Panthalassa Alliance is NATO with shades of the European Union.