The Rotten and the Purged


When the Protectorate attempts to crack down on dissenters, is there any hope of escape?   For years, Son has led a religious group called the Observers in the heart of The Protectorate, where practising religion is illegal and exhibiting emotion outlawed. They have always hidden within the People's Church, which local administrators mostly turned a blind eye to.   But when all eyes and available weapons turn their way, Son must take his Observers and flee for their lives. Will they live to find a safe haven?


The Rotten and the Purged takes place during the events of The Empyrean, during the purge that takes place within the Protectorate.


  • Son
  • Ducat
  • Sargen Saturis
  • Vergin
  • The Purge
  Locations:   Organisations:
  • The Protectorate
  • The Observers of Strageith
  • The People's Church
  • The Kept
  • The Technocracy
  • The Internal Security Lodge
  • The Reiart
  • The Keepers
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  • The Rotten and the Purged available for free on StoryOrigin
  • Publication type
    Short story   First published
    October 2022   Availability
    Exclusive to newsletter and Ream subscribers


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