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Out of Exile


They broke a galaxy. Now they're under arrest.   Horrified by the results of his actions, Ferrash could almost believe he deserves this. But whoever lives in this new galaxy he finds himself in, they have an agenda. They're arresting everyone who arrives through the gate. Their crime? One their ancestors were exiled for, millennia ago.   Palia can't rely upon the power of the Empyrean anymore, and fighting her way out doesn't seem like an option. But allies come from unexpected quarters, and she and Ferrash's personal struggle to get back home turns into a war to defend everyone's freedoms. Will they ever return, or will the bizarre punishment their captors have planned twist them into something unrecognisable?
(The above is a temporary cover.)
  Publication type
Novel   First published
N/a – first draft currently being serialised   Availability
Early access available on Ream Can be read on Royal Road


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