Galaxies end First Contact: Sol Empire and Republic of Sion

First Contact: Sol Empire and Republic of Sion

Discovery, Exploration

December 15, 220 AU

The Sol Empire's Larigo Expedition makes first contact with the Republic of Sion's Katar Tribe.

Sionian Account

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Sol Account

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The expeditionary fleet proceeded 'east' from their point of contact with the Arshans, leaving uncharted systems behind to be reviewed later in their excitement to meet a second human descendant nation. In just a month of travel, on December 15, the fleet found themselves in contact with another vessel that was unlike the Arshan military ships they had been encountering along the border. The vessel responded to their communications in a language that was completely foreign to the expeditionary team at first, then transmitted again in the Arshan language - Though with a heavy accent, as recorded in Larigo's expeditionary log:

  Republic of Sion First Contact Transcript Log

Transcript logs from Republic of Sion first contact.
December 15, 220 AU

<Unidentified Vessel>
(Chatter in an unknown language)
There is a short delay as the expeditionary crew attempt to translate
<Unidentified Vessel>
Don't speak our language, or just shy? You don't look like an Arshan vessel, but maybe you speak Arshan, yes?
<SNS Stargazer>
We know basic Arshan. We are not Arshan, we are Sol. Humans from Sol Empire. I am Samuel Larigo, from Larigo Expedition Fleet.
<Unidentified Vessel>
Sol? Never heard of it. I'm Maric, a trader. We're from the Katar Tribe, Republic of Sion. Say, you people got anything valuable to trade? I've got some nice Arshan tech here. The kind of stuff they don't want anyone getting ahold of.
There is a short delay. Jameson's log indicates there was a brief debate on the pros and cons of accepting such an offer.
<SNS Stargazer>
Another time. We are not equipped for trade. Only exploration. Where do we find representative of Sion Republic?
<Unidentified Vessel>
Uh.. Representative? Everyone represents themselves here, Samuel. Katar's a free market. You want structure and 'representatives', go find the Sions or Lassis. Lassis might be easier. Just cruise outer to the next arc. You'll know them when you meet them.
<SNS Stargazer>
I am sorry but I do not understand. Cruise outer to the next arc? What does this mean?
<Unidentified Vessel>
You know. Outer. Toward the outside of the galaxy. Just point your engines at the core and go. Either way you should go. We're meeting someone here and he doesn't like strangers, and he won't like me either if you're still here.
<SNS Stargazer>
Okay. Thank you. We will 'cruise outer' then and find the Lassis.
Communication log ends.

Larigo's log notes the stark contrast between this meeting with the Sionian, and their meetings with the professional and militaristic Arshans prior. Directing the fleet to begin travelling 'south', Larigo encountered various other Sionian vessels - Some of which identified themselves as part of the Katar Tribe, the rest seeming to not speak Arshan. One vessel, according to reports, even demanded the fleet prepare to be boarded and to turn over any valuables, but was successfully warded off by the Grand Navy escorts. Three weeks of travel after their initial contact with Maric, the fleet eventually came across a new ship with standardized looking markings that immediately contacted them upon entering range. This vessel's captain, speaking in Arshan, ordered the fleet to halt and identify themselves. Larigo complied and responded, and the vessel then identified itself as the 'Seto Higar', a 'Lassian Border-Runner', captained by Iri Sudaa. Communications were quick, reminiscent of the professionalism of the Arshans, and Larigo was quickly put into contact with a Lassian representative who spoke Arshan - A woman named Krita Vashur.


While contact with the Katar Tribe remained spotty and questionable, due to the nature of the tribe's 'free market' as they called it, the Empire was able to maintain constant and stable communications with the Lassi Tribe following their initial meeting, with Vashur and Larigo serving as the official representatives from either side of the border.