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Luna Colony Founded


October 3, 156 PT

The Interplanetary Federation of Sol begins expanding its population into additional colonies and orbiting stations, and forms its first colony on Earth's moon.

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One hundred and fifty years after the IFS was founded and the young nation was stabilised, the government began looking toward expanding itself into new horizons and colonizing other planets using technologies similar to those that allows Mars to be colonized. This period of federal expansionism began with the growth of the nation's space faring fleets, construction of orbital stations over and between various planets, and eventually the construction of habitation domes or outright terraforming of planets and moons. The first new colony was built upon Earth's moon on October 3, 156 PT, and was named 'Luna'. Others slowly followed over the course of the Federation's lifetime as the nation continued to expand itself in territory, population, and internal political power.