Galaxies end Loss of the SNS Verde

Loss of the SNS Verde

Disaster / Destruction

September 20, 207 AU

The SNS Verde, a vessel that was part of the Jameson Expeditionary Fleet, crash-lands on the planet Verde IV.

Two years after the start of the Jameson Expedition, the fleet found a binary star system with an ocean world within the star's habitable zone. While surveying this planet, however, one of the fleet's research ships experienced a sudden reactor failure while maneuvering, resulting in full loss of power and drive control. The ship, named the SNS Verde, drifted toward the planet and was pulled in by gravity before power could be restored. The Verde and its crew were lost as the ship plumetted into the planet's oceans. The star system has since been named the Verde System and is a part of the current Empire's Verde District, named after the lost research ship.

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