Galaxies end Founding: Interplanetary Federation of Sol

Founding: Interplanetary Federation of Sol


January 15, 2 PT

Human remnants in Mars colonies and orbiting stations form a new nation of humanity, calling themselves the Interplanetary Federation of Sol.

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With the conclusion of the Third War, the various colonies on Mars and the researchers aboard the International Space Station found themselves without a proper government or leadership. For two years, not knowing what to do, these communities tried to continue their existence independently, but quickly found such a venture was not feasible. In the last months of 2037 AD, the three Mars colonies began negotiating the terms of forming a new Human nation amongst themselves and the heavily dependent ISS crew. On January 15, 2038, these negotiations were signed into a new constitution and the Interplanetary Federation of Sol was formed. Shin Chōfu, the largest of the three Mars colonies, was named the new Federation's capital and Hanako Jiang was elected as the first president.


The newly formed IFS declared the beginning of a new calendar era, marking January 1, 2036 AD as January 1, 1 PT. This meant the founding of the IFS occurred on January 15, 2 PT. The International Space Station also saw a change: With the previous 'nations' no longer existing, the station was renamed to the Nuntius Terrae, or 'Revenant of Earth'. Nuntius Terrae was gradually repurposed from a research station to an Earth observation station, then eventually to a city-station remaining in orbit over the next several years.