Galaxies end First Contact: Sol Empire and Varkesh

First Contact: Sol Empire and Varkesh

Discovery, Exploration

May 24, 210 AU

The Jameson Expeditionary Fleet makes first contact with an alien race identifying themselves as the Dovolish and members of the Varkesh, using an 'old Earth dialect' later identified as English. Tentative communications begin.


As I predict some confusion about the below due to some aspects of this universe not being public yet, please note that one of the several human colony ships that left Earth during the Third War found its way into Varkesh space and became integrated into the Varkesh as their own nation sponsored by the Dovolish Sect, calling themselves the 'Terran Democracy'.


Sol Account

After five years of exploration, with the fleet surveying various systems and planets, the expeditionary fleet suddenly found themselves in the presence of an unidentified ship of an alien, unknown design. The initial report from the expeditionary fleet states the vessel remained stationary and unresponsive for an hour, before they finally received a communication in an old Earth dialect. Identifying and translating the language proved simple as one of the researchers present recognized the language as 'English'.

Communication was tentative at first, but Jameson was eager to maintain contact with this new discovery. The aliens identified themselves as a species called the Dovolish, and members of a 'Varkesh Alliance'. By the time the first report of alien contact reached the Sol Empire, the expeditionary fleet had already been in contact for two days. Additional reports that arrived indicated the Dovolish ship claimed to have been monitoring their expedition for the past month and waiting to greet them, and that the Dovolish were extending an invitation for the Sol Empire to join the Varkesh Alliance. Two weeks after first contact, the Empire sent a response back to the fleet to notify the aliens they would convene to consider the proposal.


Varkesh Account