Galaxies end Retter der Menschheit discovered by Dovolish

Retter der Menschheit discovered by Dovolish

Discovery, Exploration

September 26, 2183 AD

The Retter der Menschheit is discovered by a Dovolish research vessel.

The colony ship drifted through space for almost a century and a half, managing to remain self-sufficient until they were discovered by a Dovolish science vessel in 2183 AD. Communications were difficult at first, with either side being completely alien and foreign to the other. The first hurdle had been how to communicate. Dovolish communicator technology was completely foreign to human instruments of the time. Human technology, however, was found to be far more effective when a scientist decided to try broadcasting a radio transmission toward the alien ship after a week of silence, and received a response back. The next challenge, however, took nearly a year to overcome: Language.


What the scientist described as clicking, grunts, and hisses was, again, completely foreign to the humans, and the English and German languages both proved ineffective at communicating with the aliens in turn. Other human languages were not even attempted, for fear of only causing even more confusion with the failure to communicate. At one point, however, a small shuttle detached from the alien vessel and approached the colony ship. This shuttle docked with the colony ship, much to the excitement and apprehension of the humans on board, and the scientists were greeted with their first sighting of the aliens they had been hearing. Behind some kind of transparent material keeping the ship's atmosphere separated from the shuttle stood tall, lithe, fur covered bipedal aliens with large, flat ears and large eyes, and with them, a sophisticated android clearly modeled after its creator - The Dovolish.

We come to learn. We come to help. I have studied human language. I understand and can speak. My name is T'las'p'ka. You are searching for new home?

— T'las'p'ka Dovolish archive android, Retter der Mesnchheit, 2184 A.D.

From then, on to the next several months, the two races met regularly, continually trying to communicate with each-other while the android observed. Each meeting wasn't always with the same aliens, but it was always the same android present until, almost a year after first contact, the android stepped forward and spoke in basic English. These first words are recorded in Terran history as the start of a new human era: "We come to learn. We come to help."