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Original concept/idea by Chairkicker

One of many planets in the United Arshan Federation's territory. Warren, officially designated AC-455, is an agrarian colony.


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Warren is an Earth-like planet, with a variety of biomes and terrain. Notable regions include New Covington in the northern hemisphere, know for its rich, fertile land and deep red soil.

Fauna & Flora

Warren is home to a number of indigenous plants and animals, as well as more familiar species of farm crops and livestock introduced by the Arshans for agricultural purposes.

Planet Warren - Globe
Planet Warren - Globe by Torben Mogensen Planet Generator


  • Map of Planet Warren

    A mercator projection map of the planet Warren.

Alternative Name(s)
Included Locations
Owning Organization
United Arshan Federation

Cover image: Planet Warren - Mercator Projection (Small) by Torben Mogensen Planet Generator


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