Varkesh Combat Drone


Written by Sierra Brown.

Also known as the 'Stinger'. A small, carrier-launched combat drone operated by Varkesh capital ships, well known for their tactics of swarming and overwhelming their targets. These drones are unmanned and guided by the mothership's AI systems.


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Developed by the Dovolish as a way of warding off piracy, the Varkesh Combat Drone, also known as the Stinger by humans, is a small, remotely operated spacecraft. instead of an onboard AI or control system, the drone relies entirely on remote control from an outside source. Typically, this remote link comes from the mothership's AI system, which coordinates all launched drones with the movements of the vessel itself in a swarming attack against one or more targets.


The Stinger is launched from carrier bays attached to space ships and stations - There are even atmospheric capable variants of the Stinger used on planetary surfaces. The drones have a single, forward-mounted energy turret capable of minor adjustments of about 10 degrees in any direction. The beams fired by this turret on their own are unimpressive, but the strength of the Stinger comes in sheer numbers. Common combat tactics with the Stinger are waves of fire, striking a target all at once, or a sustained stream of fire in a localized area as the drones swarm in and out of firing range.


One Solus admiral once described the stinger drones as a "horrifying swarm of cold, metallic death, controlled by the emotionless creation of alien monstrosities".

Stinger Drone - Top Down
Varkesh Stinger Drone - Top Down by Sierra Brown

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Written as a part of WorldAnvil's 2019 Inktober, under the prompt 'Mindless'.

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