Tale of Kijata

Written by Sierra Brown

An old Chatari folktale about the dead goddess Nika-ta, and her encounter with an ancient Kija spirit known only as Kijata. The old legend tells how Nika-ta was the only person to pass the spirit test.


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According to common Chatari folklore, the dead goddess Nika-ta was presented with a series of trials by the spirits. One of these trials was the spirit of an ancient kija known only as 'Kijata'.


Nika-ta and her companions, while resting in the ancient caverns of the northern Chataki hills, were confronted by a large, ferocious kija. The beast pursued them as they fell back into the caverns in an attempt to escape, not wishing to harm it, but were ultimately cornered in a dead end.


The legend tells of how Nika-ta then stepped forward, declaring she knew the beast from her dreams, that the spirits had warned her of its coming and told her how to defeat it. Kijata then lashed out at her, but she did not react, and was unharmed. The beast struck again, and again Nika-ta stood strong and was unharmed. The stories continue to speak of how Kijata tried to attack her in various manners for the next hour, and Nika-ta simply stood there, refusing to flinch or strike back, until the beast finally stopped.


Kijata then stared deep into Nika-ta and spoke directly to her spirit, prophesizing her destiny as the Dead Goddess, before the spirit-beast faded from view.

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