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The first permanent colony on the planet Takri. Takrino is located on one of the lower mesas in the Takrino region, known for its resiliency despite the lack of farmable land and freshwater and the inhospitable terrain.


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It's the smell, really. The smell is the first thing you notice out here. The air is never fresh and clean like it is back home - No. Not back home. This is home now. Like it is back on Iraka. Every breath we take, we can feel it burn out bodies. But you get used to it after awhile. They tell us it's not deadly this far from the geysers - And we've been here long enough to know they're right. But it's not just the smell. It's the water, and the soil, and the animals. Everything out here wants to kill us. The Natural Civilization is testing us, and we must pass, or we will all surely die.

— A Matari citizen of Takrino.

A large colony town, Takrino is located on one of the lower mesas of the Takri Region. This city is historically important as the first colony founded by the Drakari on another planet, and as the home of the Takri Separatists whom sparked the Drakari Civil War and reformed the Drakari Union as the victors.


Settled and maintained due to the region being the only suitable landing point for Drakari space craft, Takrino is a vital point for settlements that have begun to grow in other regions of Takri. Shipments of supplies from Matagano arrive regularly, distributed among the city, with excess sent off to neighbouring towns.


The constantly erupting toxic geysers leave the land unsuitable for farming, and poison the local water stores. As a result, Takrino relies on local hunting of the dangerous fauna, as well as imports of food and water from both Matagano and neighbouring cities to survive. The precarious situation the people of the city find themselves in has led to a resurgence of the belief in the Natural Civilization, with many Drakari believing their trials to be a test of the worth to live on the planet.


With the recent Drakari Civil War, Takrino has become a much more prominent hub within the Drakari Union, to the point some have even started calling it the Union's new capital. The new leaders of the Union, whom used to lead the Takri Separatists, still reside within the city, controlling the government of both Takri and Iraka from their newly built Takri Palace.


The city has become a symbol of power among the Drakari - Surviving here means you are strong enough to survive anything, anywhere.

Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Takri (Region)
Owning Organization
Takri Separatists

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