Takri (Region)


The first colonised region of the planet Takri and an unexpectedly inhospitable place.


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Located in the central portion of the Takri mainland, the Takri region is a large mesa surrounded by mountaineous terrain. The region is known for its poor soil quality and geysers erupting in toxic gasses. Only small sections of the region are habitable for any long period of time, and the survivors of the original colony landing have only recently been able to find a stable place to build a permanent settlement in one of the lower mesas with less active geysers.


Due to the unreliable agriculture caused by the toxin-filled soil and the contaminated water deposits, the people on the Takri region rely on hunting the dangerous fauna of the tableland and water brought in from other regions to survive. Despite these dangers, the colonists have no choice but to stay where they are if they wish to keep receiving supply shipments from Iraka. The large, flat mesas of the Takri region are the only suitable place on the entire planet for Drakari spacecraft to land and take off again.


The Takri colonists, as a result, have become known as a very hardy people. They live off a land that doesn't provide for them, and is even actively trying to kill them at times, and many colonists started losing faith in the Drakari Union and the Drakari-Ta, reverting back to their old religions.


As the original colonists were primarily Matari, with most shipments launching from the space center in Matagano, this has created an evolved form of the Natural Civilization. Many colonists believe the natural spirit of the world is testing them to see if they are worthy to live amongst the natural civilization of Takri.

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