Standard Calibre Rifle Ammunition (Arshan)

Written by Sierra Brown
Special thanks to Kailo for assisting with gun and munitions research.

The standard calibre ammunition used in the United Arshan Federation, using the Arshan caseless ammunition technology.


One of four main caseless ammunition calibres used by Arshan small-arms, the Standard Calibre Bullet is the most common ammunition found within the United Arshan Federation and the most commonly exported munition into the Republic of Sion. The round's power is roughly comparable to modern day 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges and is designed as a general purpose bullet with a compromise between weight, cost, range, and stopping power. Standard Calibre ammunition is typically associated with assault rifles, carbines, light support weapons, some light machine guns, and some designated marksman rifles. This ammunition and related weapons can sometimes be found in the Solus black market or in Sol Empire contraband stockpiles.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Main article: Caseless Ammunition

As a caseless round, Standard Calibre ammunition consists of three components: A solid mass of heat-triggered propellant forming the body, an impact-triggered quick-detonating primer and booster, and the bullet itself. The rounds are 45mm in length and 10mm in diameter. The exact dimensions of the bullet and primer can vary depending on the type of bullet being fired, but generally, standard bullets are 5.7mm in diameter and 20mm in length - Equivalent to a moden day 5.56 NATO bullet.

When the rifle is fired, a firing pin strikes the primer. This primer ignites, providing the bullet with initial forward thrust and triggering the heat-sensitive propellant that forms the remainder of the round. The detonation of the solid propellant provides the full force of the round, and the bullet is propelled out of the rifle with velocity and accuracy varying depending on the exact dimensions of the bullet and the length and rifling pattern of the barrel.

There has been some experimentation in wrapping the ammunition in a light 'sleeve' that burns away when fired. This sleeve is intended to aid in handling of individual bullets, but has not yet been officially adopted by the UAF.

Item type
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
  • Common within the United Arshan Federation and Republic of Sion's Arshan Bloc.
  • Uncommon in the Republic of Sion's Independent Bloc.
  • Rare and considered contraband in the Sol Empire and Republic of Sion's Solus Bloc.
  • Non existant in the Varkesh.
45x10mm, cylindrical

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