Soo'Ta Core

Tei'krrl Soo'Ta

Written by Sierra Brown.

A massive supercomputer in the Dovolish core system which houses the Soo'Ta AI and is connected to the Varkesh AI network.


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Purpose / Function

Originally constructed by the Dovolish as a core structure for an expansive AI networking system, the Soo'Ta Core or Tei'krrl Soo'Ta in Oo't'kee is now one of many such structures throughout Varkesh territory. The Soo'Ta Core is significant over the others, however, as it is both the original core, and where the Soo'Ta AI itself exists physically. All systems connected to the Varkesh AI Network report back to the Soo'Ta Core, and receive instructions and updates in turn from the Core. This includes the automated AI controlled fleets and facilities, and other AI related systems throughout the Alliance.


Some Dovolish cultures have recently started to consider the Soo'Ta Core a temple to a god they created, and have begun treating the station and the Soo'Ta AI itself as such.


Throughout its existance, the Soo'Ta Core has received numerous changes. As technological advances in data storage, computation, and other fields affecting artificial intelligence were made by the Dovolish, these were applied to the Core itself. The structure has also grown in size since its original construction to accomodate these upgrades and the need for increased computing and storage capacity. Originally built as a smaller station, the structure is now large enough to be comparable to a moon.



The Structure

On the exterior, the Soo'Ta Core resembles a small metallic moon with rings of solar panels. The structure is always angled to be facing the system's sun, with docking ports on both the sunlit and the dark sides of the sphere. The metallic structure takes on an indigo hue in the light, with spots of brighter white where the sun's light reflects directly off the metal. The structure is entirely unmarked and kept in surprisingly pristine condition. Inside, the core's hallways and inner chambers consist of more of the indigo-tinted metals serving as walls, floor, and ceiling. Reflective surfaces dot the hallways and rooms, positioned, shaped, and angled in such a way that light sources can shine around corners and through doorways, reducing the amount of power needed for lighting. A majority of the core's chambers consist of data storage units and grids of computational processors, though there are some rooms that exist to provide amenities for Dovolish that may remain within the station for an extended period.


The Core

The Core itself resides at the very center of the structure and consists of a the largest chamber within the sphere. This chamber, filled with more data storage units and computational processors, maintains the original layout and components of the station that was built years ago. In the center of the core is the supercomputer that houses the Soo'Ta AI itself, with a number of terminals and screens to grant direct access to the system. Automated maintainence drones, under the direct control of Soo'Ta, are manufactured and repaired using a number of fabrication facilities that were added to the core chamber after it's creation. These maintenance drones are a common sight as the Soo'Ta Core has become almost entirely self sufficient.

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Author's Notes

Written as a part of WorldAnvil's 2018 Summer Camp.

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