Solus Catters

Majan Slaves

Written by Sierra Brown.

Members of the alien Majaha race within the Sol Empire. Most individuals are slaves or very low class 'citizens'.


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Uneducated, undervalued, and living in poverty, these members of the Majaha race have found themselves in a life of slavery under the Humans of the Sol Empire. These Majaha are commonly referred to as 'catters' by the Solus due to their vague resemblance to the felines already kept as pets within the Empire.

These Majan slaves trace their heritage back to the Majan colonists in the Riikara System, which was discovered by a Solus fleet mapping the Solus-Varkesh border. This fleet, upon discovering an unarmed vessel and a flourishing colony of aliens on the surface, chose to capture these feline-like people instead of purging them. The Solus quickly disocvered these aliens to be inherently subserviant and easy to intimidate - Especially when threatened with removal of their veils. A slave market soon opened up within the Empire where the richer citizens could afford to buy and own a 'Catter', and now such slaves and serveants are starting to become a more common sight throughout the Empire.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Due to the single-gendered nature and androgynous appearance of Majan biology, many slaves are given basic Solus names of which ever gender the owner thinks is most fitting. Some owners have been known to give their slaves androgynous Solus names as well.

Family names

While many Majan slaves still try use their traditional Majan names among themselves, most slave owners forbid the use of their slaves proper names. In many cases, a Majan slave doesn't have a recognized family name, or is given their owner's name as a surname as a mark of ownership. The recently passed Catter Identity Reform law enforces this practice.

Other names

Despite the act being forbidden by most owners, and even forbidden by recent legislation, some Majaha slaves still use thier traditional Majan names among themselves. These names are typically difficult or impossible for humans to pronounce.


Common Dress code

While the clothing requirements of 'catters' vary widely from owner to owner, slaves are most commonly seen either in cheap clothing that may be almost falling apart for catters used for hard labor, or in expensive, crisp, and clean outfits to present a sophisticated appearance for slaves that serve the roles of maids, butlers, and other such serveants. Traditional Majan wear is forbidden by the recent Catter Identity Reformation laws, with the exception of the Majan Veil. This has been one of the easier changes for the Majaha to grow accustomed to.


Gender Ideals

Similar to all Majaha, most 'Catters' do not fully understand the concept of biological gender. Gender identity, however, is a big part of the universal Majan culture and, as a result, a big part of 'Catter' identity. With the encouragement (Or in most cases, enforcement) of their Solus owners, many Catters find themselves shifting further along the Solus' concept of the 'Male'-'Female' spectrum than a traditional Majaha would without such influence. This pattern has only recently started to develop as most slaves are still first or second generation 'Catters'.

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Author's Notes

Written as a part of WorldAnvil's 2018 Summer Camp.

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