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Sionian Dinar

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by Sierra Brown.


The Dinar is the national currency of the Republic of Sion. Sionians use the Dinar in digital form through linked data chips and a physical denomination.

The primary currency used through the Republic of Sion is the Katarian Dinar, now colloquially known as the Sionian Dinar. The Katarian market bases the value of the Dinar on the various valuable metals and materials stored within various vaults throughout the Republic, though you can find most within Katar and Sion. The Dinar has remained relatively stable throughout the years, maintaining a reasonably consistent exchange rate with neighboring nations.

The Dinar comes in two forms: Physical and digital. Merchants and clients who do not wish to have their exchanges tracked typically use physical denominations in multiples of 500. A digitally linked microchip typically attached to cards, personal devices, or in some cases, implanted within a person's skin is also seen throughout the Republic and the Arshan border.

Item type
Currency & Deeds
Exchange Rates
1,500 Dinar = 1 Federal Credit
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