S/A-7 "Talon"

Star Attack Fighter

Written by Sierra Brown
Artwork by Sierra Brown


A strike craft design in current active service within the United Arshan Federation. The Talon is a hanger-based attack craft, intended to support attacks on larger, fortified targets such as capital ships and stations.


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And this, juniors, is your new best friend. The S/A-7 Talon Star Attack Fighter. Those old Claws you used to fly in training? Forget them. these are faster, stronger, smarter, and make a better fried egg than anything else you'll ever fly.
— A Tango Squadron sergeant briefing a group of recently graduated pilots.

The S/A-7 "Talon" is a hanger-based star attack fighter sporting hard mounts for gimbaled gun turrets and a relatively large reserve of missile and torpedo bays, developed for use against enemy capital ships and stations. This design is based on the Reiker Strike Chassis, which was also used to develop the SA/T-19 "Red Eagle" transport, resulting in similarities in design and certain functionality between the two vessels.

S/A-7 "TALON" Concept - Profile Views by Sierra Brown

Weapons & Armament

Primarily serving the role of an attack fighter, the Talon's armament consists mainly of a bay of anti capital ship weaponry such as long-range anti ship missiles (LASM) of varying yields and munitions - Explosives, electro-magnetic burst weapons, etc. These missiles are ejected sideways through one of two missile ports, one on either side of the craft, before their propulsion and guidance systems activate, launching the warhead toward its target. The craft is also typically loaded with a number of short-range high agility missiles (SHAM) for deterring enemy interceptors, alongside a pair of gimbal-mounted gun turrets on the fore section of the vessel.

S/A-7 "TALON" Concept - Isometric by Sierra Brown

Table of Contents

  1. Weapons & armament
Owning Organization
United Arshan Federation
Extremely common - Standard deployment for all Arshan carriers.
98'10" (30.12 Meters)
12'5" (3.78 Meters)
18'11" (5.77 Meters)
36 Impulse
177 Star-Miles/Hour
Two-man crew: Pilot and Gunner.

Cover image: by Sierra Brown


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