Republic of Sion

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A republic of several clans, descending from colony ships fleeing the Third War on earth. The Republic acts as one of the main powers in the galaxy.


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One of the four nations that descended from humanity, the Republic of Sion is a union of 5 'tribes', each of which acts as a mostly independent state under the Republic's laws, protection, and guidance. The Republic of Sion is an independent nation in the galaxy, bordering the United Arshan Federation and Sol Empire. The three most powerful tribes within the Republic are known to have strong bonds with either the Solus or Arshan nations, creating conflict within the Republic Council.


The Republic of Sion is divided into five independent states referred to as tribes, each of which is partially self governed. As a nation, the Republic is led by a senate of representatives and leaders from the clans known as the Republic Council which, theoretically, provides each state with equal footing. In practice, however, political power is actually held mostly by the Sion, Sol-Lassi, and Katar tribes.


The Republic Council

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The Republic Council houses the representatives of state from each tribe within the Republic. These representatives handle legislation of law and regulation, interpretation and enforcement of these laws, and foreign relations, among other aspects of government leadership. The number of legislative representatives for each tribe varies, with Sion and Katar having the most.


Republic Tribes

Sion Tribe

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Not only is the Sion Tribe the namesake of the Republic, the state also houses the Republic Council and holds the most political power throughout the country. Written historical records show that Sion was the state that brought the other four tribes together to form the Republic in a pact of peace and cooperation. The planet Sion also houses the crash site of the original colony ship that all Sionians are believed to be descendants of: Earth's Scion.

Katar Tribe

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While the Sion Tribe holds political power within the Republic, the most economically powerful state is the Katar Tribe. Katarians consider their region of space to be a 'free market', where trade and commerce happens freely with little government interference. This system, however, has led to the Katar Tribe not only being famous in trade, but also infamous in piracy.

Sol-Lassi Tribe

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Formerly known as the Lassi Tribe, the Sol-Lassi state is most known for their heavy government regulation on most aspects of every day life - A policy that sits in stark contrast to their Katarian neighbors. The Lassis are the first Republic tribe to declare full support for Solus unification, and have recently started to gain political ground within the Republic Council.

Ira-Kasta Tribe

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Ira-Kasta was formed 2661 AD by the unification of the former Ira and Kasta tribes. Informally known as Irakkasta, this state

Meric Tribe

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Located on the far side of the Republic, away from both Solus and Arshan borders, the Meric tribe is known for both their expeditionary efforts into the unknown quadrants, and for their desire to remain independent of foreign influences.

Public Agenda

While lacking any form of public statement or goal, the Republic as a whole has primarily made decisions that support their own self interests. Over the past century, this has translated into building relations with the Republic's neighbor, the United Arshan Federation. Recently, however, the Republic's goals have begun to shift and become uncertain as Sionian citizens start proclaiming support for unification with the Sol Empire - A movement that has started to cause strain within the Republic Council and with the Arshans.

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Sion-Arshan Alliance

The United Arshan Federation holds a strong diplomatic and economic bond with the Republic of Sion and has fully open borders with the Republic's Katar and Sion tribes. Recent developments with the Republic's Sol-Lassi Tribe aligning itself with the Sol Empire and terrorist actions tied to the Meric Tribe have started to cause some strain, however.

Sol-Lassi Alliance

While the Republic as a whole has not declared any official alliances or pacts, the Republic's Sol-Lassi Tribe have declared themselves members of both the Sol Empire and the Republic of Sion, leading to some conflict and confusion within the Sionian Republic Council. The Sol Empire has made their approval of this pact quite clear, however, and also has an open trade agreement with the Katar Tribe.

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