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Command Tier 0

Written by Sierra Brown
Artwork by Sierra Brown and HiredClaws


The lowest level in the Arshan command tiers, Privates hold no authority over other personnel and serve as subordinates for the various levels of command.


Rank Abbv Name
0-0 PVR Private Recruit
0-1 JPV Private, Junior
0-2 PVT Private
0-3 SPV Private, Senior
0-4 PFC Private First Class

As the only tier without command authority, Privates make up the majority of the United Arshan Federation's military. These personnel serve a wide variety of roles, from simple team members to supporting roles in the highest echelons of Arshan command. Despite the lack of formal authority, more senior and experienced privates are still viewed as mentors by less experienced co-workers and even, in some cases, as advisors by superiors.

Uniform Jackets - Arshan Private
Uniform Jackets - Arshan Private by HiredClaws


Private ranks serve as a baseline and entry position for all Arshan personnel. This, combined with the mandatory military service of all Arshan personnel, means the rank of Private Recruit is automatically applied to every Arshan citizen when they are legally recognized as adults. There are no special qualifications or requirements associated with an Arshan's first rank or uniform.


Applied to all non-command personnel, Private ranks embody a wide variety of different roles and professions throughout the United Arshan Federation's military. The below provides a few examples, but is by no means a thorough and complete list:

  • Infantry Squad Members
  • Ship Shift Members
  • Small Craft Crewman (Multi-Crewed Craft) or Flight Members (Single-Crewed Craft)
  • Logistics Crewman
  • Bridge Crewman
  • Escort Detail
  • Radio Operators

For information on how personnel advance through the individual Private seniority ranks, see the Rank Seniority section of Arshan Military Ranks.


The duties of a Private within the Arshan military are simple: Execute all received orders from your superior to the best of your ability. More experienced personnel, especially those whom have worked with their superior(s) for an extended period, have been known to take this a step further by taking the initiative to perform additional tasks without specifically being instructed to - This typically comes down to a task that is routinely assigned by the superior, or knowing the superior well enough to predict an order before it's actually given.


As with all Arshan ranks, the exact requirements of a Private can vary widely between roles. In general, however, Privates hold the following responsibilities:

  • Receiving and obeying orders to the best of their ability.
  • Relaying instructions to relevant personnel as needed.
  • Mentoring less experienced personnel, especially recruits.

Accoutrements & Equipment


Arshan Rank Insignia - Private
Arshan Rank Insignia - Private by Sierra Brown

Arshan Privates have no rank insignia, and the shoulders of their uniforms are black - The lack of a color is used to denote lack of command authority.

Arshan General Duty Jacket - Command Tier 0
Arshan General Duty Jacket - Command Tier 0 by HiredClaws

Service Dress Coat - Private (Arshan)
Service Dress Coat - Private (Arshan) by HiredClaws

Arshan Utility Duty Uniform - Command Tier 0
Arshan Utility Duty Uniform - Command Tier 0 by HiredClaws

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Under Federation law, every Arshan citizen is considered a part of the military until death. As such, it is technically impossible for Arshan citizens to have the rank of 'Private' revoked, or to be demoted any further than tier 0. While it's incredibly rare to see this enacted, regulations do exist for the handling of Arshan citizens that are determined unfit to continue service due to severe misconduct or criminal activities. Such persons, when tried by the Military, are sentenced with revocation of their Federation citizenship and either execution or, even more rarely, exile outside of Federation borders.

In the case of Sionian Conscripts, however, the rank can be stripped if a military discharge occurs for misconduct. In such cases, the offender is tried by the Arshan military, deported back to the Republic of Sion, and barred from ever entering Federation space under penalty of death. Such occurences are rare as they only apply to non-Federation citizens, and the approval process for conscription is exceedingly strict.

Civic, Military, Generic
Source of Authority
Arshan military doctrine
Length of Term
Indefinite; Until assigned to a command billet.
Reports directly to
Arshan Sergeant
Related Organizations
Next Tier Arshan Sergeant
Sionian Conscripts Sionian citizens that serve in the Arshan military. Generally, only citizens of the Sion and Katar tribes can become 'conscripts', and must undergo a thorough evaluation and background check before being approved.

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