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The capital city of the Arshanov Federation. Navosgrad is formed around the remains of the crash-landed colony ship Kovcheg Navosa, in the Navosa Shrublands. The sprawling city is known for its art and culture, and the historic Old Russian Arboretum.

The city of Navosgrad was the first settlement formed from the colonists of the Kovcheg Navosa, in the center of the Navosa Shrubland. The capital is known for its cultural influence on the Federation as a whole, spreading its ideals to the Core Sector and the Kithar System, as well as its unconventional construction layout: Colonists of the Kovcheg Navosa prioritized survival over efficiency, and the infrastructure has been identified as needing serious remodeling.


Navosgrad was the first settlement formed by human colonists of the Kovcheg Navosa seven hundred years ago. The landing site was several miles away from the ship's intended destination, leaving the first colonists without access to a source of water without having to abandon the colony ship and its priceless cargo of material and information. The colonists elected to divide the group and send out two parties; one to the originally planned landing site to prepare a method for transporting the water required for survival, while the other would search for farmland to assist in permanent habitation while the remainder of the colonists would remain with the landed colony ship.


The initial settlements built by these three groups eventually grew to become Navosgrad, Tsentr Krupinova, and Ploskost'Navosi. As the population slowly grew, Navosgrad quickly became a central hub of resource processing and distribution and became recognized as 'The Capital'. Eventually, a constitution was drafted and a proper government was formed: The Navosian Federation - A democratic 'nation' of 3 cities led by Prime Minister Vitaliya Fyodorov.


The new Federation was plagued with corruption as cities grew more populous and virtuous, and new colonies built throughout the Navosa Shrubland found themselves paying a significantly higher sum to the Federation year after year. A brief civil war followed as numerous cities overthrew the Prime Minister and installed instead Vanya Arshan, the man viewed as the true father of the United Arshanov Socialist Federation.


The union of Navos and Newearth cemented Navosgrad as the capital of the new nation. The new Arshanov Federation was named after the Arshan family, who had made Navosgrad and the Navosian Federation what it was.


Located in the middle of the dry, arid plains of the Navosa, Navosgrad is not in a prime location for resources, farming, or hunting. The land is flat, hard, and dry, populated only by the occasional shrub, tree, or small, rodent-like creatures. The nearest water source - A large river flowing through the region - Is several miles away from the city's edge.


Being the capital of the Arshanov Federation, the population of the inhabitants consists mainly of Arshans from the core sector. Like other residents of the Navosa, Arshans born and raised in the city prefer to primarily call themselves Navosians. Sionians and other groups from beyond the borders of the Federation are nearly non-existent.


While the city is considered a "Federal" city by Arshanov Federation standards and boasts the stated ability to be beyond the jurisdiction of the local Navosian municipal government, officials from the N.M.G are still managers of much of the cities localized governance, allowing federal workers to focus on overseeing the running of the Federation.


The city itself is run by a council of 10 representative members and one chairperson that oversees the managing of nearly every aspect of local government. Ordinances and regulations, control of local Zulusskiy and Kilo units, planning and maintenance, etc.


The city council chairperson is currently Božena Haley.

Navosian Logistics Agency

Main article: Navosian Logistics Agency

At the heart of Navosgrad's internal trade industry is the headquarters of the Navosian Logistics Agency. The NLA is a government organization run by the Navosian Regional Municipal District that oversees the transport and storage of all incoming and outgoing goods. Where Kilo acts as the logistical force of the Arshanov Federation as a whole, the NLA fills this role within the Navosian Federation.


Navosgrad itself has no specialized defenses besides Navosian Federation standards, the localized police force, and emergency response units from Zulusskiy Defence Forces. The primary defense is undertaken by military installations in and around the nearby city of Tochka Orlova, with planetary defenses handled by several orbital stations and fleets.


Many of the city's early buildings were crude dirt and clay structures, none of which survived to this day, though some newer buildings imitating the old clay architectures have been maintained. A majority of buildings throughout the city are primarily built from concrete brick, however. Newer structures, including ones built to replace those damaged by earthquakes, are typically made of much more hardened materials imported from other regions and off-world.


Navosgrad is a manufacturing hub dependent on goods brought in from neighboring cities and other sectors of the Navosian Federation. The local industry is focused primarily on the stockpile of raw materials and the production of highly specialized products to be shipped to other regions on Navos or beyond. The Navosian Logistics Agency is tasked with the cataloging of inventory, storage, and dispensing of goods to local industries that require material and all imported goods are subject to taxation and inspection before entering the city proper.


The city itself has no specialized goods being produced beside Navosian Wine, treasured throughout the Arshanov Federation. Besides a generalized industry and lacking any form of specialization to its industry, the city depends upon storage, import, and export duties to supplement the industrial sector, great warehouses of supplies and goods are shipped to and from the city.

Natural Resources

The area around Navosgrad is fairly devoid of any usable materials aside from hard dirt. Most resources the city needs, including water, are brought in from neighboring cities and regions where these resources are abundant. In recent times, technological developments have allowed for some crops to be grown in controlled, artificial environments sealed off from the outside world. These crops tend to be considered lower quality from those grown in a naturally suitable environment, however.


The layout and base infrastructure of the city is known for being very poorly thought out - Especially around the city center and the Kovcheg Navosa's landing site. Arshan historians attribute this to the first colonists being more focused on short-term survival than long term sustainability of the colony.


Most of the city's early infrastructure was built around receiving and processing various supplies and goods from other settlements in the region - Food, construction materials, and even freshwater chief among them. This led to an abundance of warehouses and even some refineries throughout what is now known as the city center, or downtown. In the current day, many of these old warehouses have been converted toward other industrial uses or even living spaces.


Kovcheg Navosa Monument

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When the Kovcheg Navosa first landed in the Navosa, most of the ship was scrapped for materials used to build the colony's initial shelters. Most of the framing and some of the more important facilities contained within were left intact, however. While these facilities have since been decommissioned over the centuries, the remains of the colony ship still stand in the city center as a monument to Navosgrad's origins.


Old Russian Arboretum

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Commonly known as 'The ORA' for short, the Arboretum is a large, self-contained garden-like museum showcasing the various strains of old-Earth flora brought with the Kovcheg Navosa. A majority of these plants cannot survive in the Navosian climate but are carefully tended to and maintained within a serious of specialized greenhouses using artificial internal climates. While the Arboretum does include farmable crops, it does not serve as a source of produce - Harvesting from these plants for any reason other than to collect seeds for re-planting is strictly forbidden to protect the flora within.

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