Navosa Shrubland

Written by Sierra Brown.

A region of shrubland near the equator of the planet Navos. The Navosa Shrubland is known for tectonic activity in the form of earthquakes and the occasional volcanic eruption. The Arshan capital of Navosgrad can be found here.


Located in the north-western part of the mainland peninsula on Navos, the Navosa is a large, flat shrubland. The region is primarily known for being arid and hot, with hard, dry ground populated primarily by hardy shrubs and small, resilient creatures. Following old definitions of ecoregions and habitats, the Navosa has been classified by the Federation as a 'Xeric Shrubland'. The terrain is known as being difficult to traverse and proper accommodations must be made to counteract the hot, barren environment. Heat stroke and dehydration is common among unaware travelers, mostly foreign individuals unaware of local regulations and public service announcements warning of increased temperatures and lack of water sources in the shrubland.


The region has recently become very tectonically active. Earthquakes have become a common problem, causing structural damage to older buildings and infrastructure and aiding in the creation of already problematic sinkholes. Volcanic activity has also begun to rise, including a notable eruption in the region that occurred 12 years ago.


While a known problem in the region, sinkholes have become a more common hazard in recent years due to irrigation and water supply techniques, natural underground water flows, and recently common earthquakes. Due to these sinkholes, coupled with the arid environment, the region has struggled to sustain its own food sources, relying instead on imports from neighboring regions and even other planets in the Federation.


Despite being a primarily dry region, the Navosa is not without its sources of water - Primarily in the form of a main, large river flowing from the mountains to the south-east. Additionally, while certainly not a primary source of water, rainfall is typically around 7 inches annually.

Fauna & Flora

The local wildlife and plantlife consist primarily of dry, hardy shrubs and grasses populated by small, resilient creatures such as the Red-Shelled Myach and the Navosian Tomato Pepper. Alongside the native life, however, the region has also become home to a number of species introduced from the Kovcheg Navosa - The human-borne colony ship that landed in the region several centuries ago. The most notable introduced species that adapted and thrive are primates and camelids, as well as both domestic and wild strains of what is now known as the Navosian Grape. Industrial hemp is also a common plant in the region, though to a far lesser extent as the plant cannot grow naturally in the arid environment and requires human intervention to thrive.

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