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Command Tier System

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The full, current ranking structure of the United Arshan Federation's military


The United Arshan Federation military's rank system is structured to reflect the tiered command system, where ranks are divided among command tiers instead of only being split into Enlisted/Officer. In the UAF, rank tiers represent command authority and responsibility, while individual ranks within those tiers represent seniority. The sole exception to this is the admiralty tier, which only holds two ranks: The Admiral rank held only by the Director of the Military, and the Vice Admiral ranks held only by the commanders of each squadron. This ranking system takes some inspiration from the American military of old in terms of rank names. Each military branch, including the pseudo-military branches Zulu, Kilo, and Echo Squadrons, follow the same ranking system.


The UAF's ranking structure, among other things, has been recently reworked by the Director of the Military and Director of Internal Affairs, under the new design mantra of 'Simple Functionality', with the new system rolling out only a handful of years ago. The new system introduced command tiers to the ranking structure.


Rank Seniority

The seniority system in Arshan ranks is meant to represent training status, experience, level of expertise, and meritorious achievement. While seniority does not officially grant authority over lower levels, it's personnel with a higher seniority are typically viewed as mentors and experienced advisors by less experienced personnel, cadets, and recruits. Each seniority level is displayed with ranks as the second number, after the command tier. The name of the rank provided by the command tier is also adjusted by seniority level.


Seniority 0 Recruit

Recruits are personnel whom are in training and not considered ready for active service. This level is only used for trainees, cadets, and personnel following an 'officer internship' program prior to graduating the officer academy and entering higher level command tiers. Personnel of this level have their ranks suffixed with 'Recruit', and their uniforms hold no seniority stripe.


Seniority 1 Junior

Holding a single seniority stripe, and prefixing their ranks with 'Junior', most personnel hold this seniority level after completing the training requirements for their command tier and role. This can be considered the equivalent to the 'Private' rank in enlisted space, and the 'Ensign' rank in officer space of the modern age.

Arshan Seniority Stripe - Junior

Seniority 2 Standard

Typically granted to personnel after a set period of time in service, level 2 serves as the last seniority level attainable through training and length of service alone. Personnel at seniority 2 hold 2 stripes, and have no suffix or prefix to their ranks. This is the most common seniority level among Arshan military personnel.

Arshan Seniority Stripe - Standard

Seniority 3 Senior

Seniority 3 is awarded to personnel who not only hold extended experience in their field, but have also demonstrated a higher than average understanding of their duties. These ranks have 3 stripes, and are prefixed with 'Senior'. This is generally the lowest rank permitted to become an academy or basic training instructor.

Arshan Seniority Stripe - Senior

Seniority 4 First Class

The least common and highest of the seniority levels, seniority 4 are subject matter experts. These personnel don't just have a higher understanding of their duties and doctrine, they typically helped write and revise the doctrine - Either directly or indirectly. These ranks holds 4 stripes, and are suffixed with 'First Class'.

Arshan Seniority Stripe - First Class

Rank Command Tiers

Tier 0 Private

Main article: Arshan Private

Tier 0 ranks typically hold no command responsibilities, but may sometimes be put in charge of small groups set on a specific task. As an example, a squad lead may assign a three man team to scout out an objective, and assign one of the tier 0 personnel under his command as the temporary leader of that team. Another example may be found in Tango Squadron, where multi-crewed craft will typically consider the pilot in command of personnel within the craft. This practice has led to those ranks being unofficially considered tier '0.5' - Above Tier 0 personnel, but still below the tier 1 shift and squad leaders.


Tier 0 personnel's uniforms do not hold any special markings relating to command tier - The lack of marking implies their lack of a command role.

Rank Abbv Name
0-0 PVR Private Recruit
0-1 JPV Private, Junior
0-2 PVT Private
0-3 SPV Private, Senior
0-4 PFC Private First Class
Arshan Rank Insignia - Private
Arshan Rank Insignia - Private by Sierra Brown


Tier 1 Sergeant

Rank Abbv Name
1-0 SGR Sergeant Recruit
1-1 JSG Sergeant, Junior
1-2 SGT Sergeant
1-3 SSG Sergeant, Senior
1-4 SFC Sergeant First Class
Arshan Rank Insignia - Sergeant
Arshan Rank Insignia - Sergeant by Sierra Brown

Main article: Arshan Sergeant

At the lowest level of personnel whom officially hold command, tier 1 personnel are placed in charge of individual teams ranging from six to twelve persons each. These command roles can be anything from a Foxtrot infantry squad leader, to a Delta divisional shift manager aboard a ship, to the flight lead of a Tango strike unit. Tier 1 personnel are responsible for coordinating the personnel under their command in accomplishing whatever task the team has been assigned by the personnel above them.


Insignias and uniform markings for Tier 1 personnel consist of the color green on the shoulder and a single pip insignia on the uniform's collar. Formal insignia conists of a single horizontal bar pinned to the left collar.


Tier 2 Lieutenant

The second level of command personnel are in charge of commanding full units - A group of multiple teams working together toward a specific goal. Typically, units take the form of army platoons, decks/departments (I.e., Engineering Department or Cargo Deck) aboard a ship, station, or on a planetside base, or full aerospace wings. A tier 2 commander usually has six to twelve teams under his command and delegates orders to each team's commander, while receiving their own orders from tier 3 command and higher.


Tier 2 personnel uniforms use the color yellow, and an insignia with two horizontal pips.

Rank Abbv Name
2-0 LTR Lieutenant Recruit
2-1 JLT Lieutenant, Junior
2-2 LTT Lieutenant
2-3 SLT Lieutenant, Senior
2-4 LFC Lieutenant First Class
Arshan Rank Insignia - Lieutenant
Arshan Rank Insignia - Lieutenant by Sierra Brown


Tier 3 Major

Rank Abbv Name
3-0 MJR Major Recruit
3-1 JMJ Major, Junior
3-2 MAJ Major
3-3 SMJ Major, Senior
3-4 MFC Major First MJass
Arshan Rank Insignia - Major
Arshan Rank Insignia - Major by Sierra Brown

Tier three is where command structures start to differ between divisions and branches. In Delta Squadron, tier 3 personnel are the commanding officers of a specific ship or station. In Foxtrot, these personnel are in command of a full battalion of units or their own planet-side base. Tango Squadron typically does not hold tier 3 personnel in many situations, as deployed strike craft are typically under the command of Foxtrot or Delta commanders in their respective fields. However, a tier 3 Tango commander may exist as a liaison between Tango's strike wings and equivalent personnel from the other squadrons.


Command insignia for tier 3 personnel consist of three pips in a triangle formation, with the shoulders of their non-combat uniforms being coloured orange.


Tier 4 Colonel

In most of the UAF's branches, tier 4 personnel hold command positions of military districts. What a district embodies can vary, being anything from a general doctrine and deployment orders for a generalized, 'global' group (I.e., Foxtrot's general purpose armored battalion, Tiger), to the strategic commanders of a specific large-scale theatre of war (Such as the Solus front). The exact hierarchy at this level tends to be hazy.


In Delta Squadron, in a system that's far more clearly defined, tier 4 personnel are the leadership for full fleets.


Tier 4 personnel insignia have four pips in a diamond formation and red shoulders.

Rank Abbv Name
4-0 CLR Colonel Recruit
4-1 JCL Colonel, Junior
4-2 COL Colonel
4-3 SCL Colonel, Senior
4-4 CFC Colonel First Class
Arshan Rank Insignia - Colonel
Arshan Rank Insignia - Colonel by Sierra Brown


Tier 5 Admiral

Rank Abbv Name
5-1 JAD Admiral, Junior
5-2 ADM Admiral
5-3 ADC Admiral Commander
5-4 DIR Admiral-Director
Arshan Rank Insignia - Admiral
Arshan Rank Insignia - Admiral by Sierra Brown

The highest tier of ranks is given only to the Director of the Military and top-level squadron commanders. As a result, there are only ever a limited number of tier 5 personnel - The Admiral-Director, Squadron commanders with the rank of Admiral Commander, and they're top-level command staff holding ranks 5-1 and 5-2. There is no such thing as an admiral at the recruit seniority level, and junior admirals exist only as aides that have just recently been promoted to their positions. Most Squadron command personnel will simply hold the rank of 'Admiral'.


Uniforms for tier 5 personnel have white shoulders, and their insignia have five pips in a pentagon formation.

Accoutrements & Equipment

UAF uniforms hold insignia and markings for both rank and tier. With the exception of combat uniforms, the left shoulder is color-coded based upon command tier. All uniforms also have a command insignia on the left collar, with a number of pips indicating command tier (One pip for tier 1, etc). Seniority ranks are denoted using stitched horizontal stripes. Each full stripe indicates a level of seniority, with a maximum of 4 stripes.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Promotions/demotions between tiers are indicative of a change of command, and falling lower in tiers is generally not seen as a negative thing - Personnel are sometimes rotated in and out of command roles under a billeted system. Promotion and demotion of ranks within a tier, however, are more permanent and viewed as rewards (promotions) or punishments (demotions) for dedication, service, and overall length of service within the military. These merit-based ranks are typically carried over as personnel are shifted up and down tiers - I.e., a Foxtrot member holding the rank of 1-2 being promoted to tier 2 would typically be granted the rank of 3-2, instead of 3-1. This isn't always the case, however - Especially in terms of transfers between specializations such as a transfer from commanding an infantry platoon to running an armor unit.

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