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A forested region of hot, dry summers and cold, moist winters. Mataga is home to the Matari people, an ethnic group of brown-furred Drakari known for their mechanical prowess.

Located in the south-western quadrant of Iraka, between the ocean and mountains, Mataga is a large, flat region. Highly diverse, Mataga is known to be home to just over 12% of known and documented species of flora. The Terrans have classified the ecoregion as Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrubs, though this is only an approximation. The region is known for having cool, moist winters and hot, dry summers with seasonal wildfires.

Aside from its notability in botanical research, the region is also home to one of the major ethnic groups of the Drakari race: The Matari. Having existed in the region since before the time of recorded history in the city of Matagano, the Matari are well known for their traditions worshipping the 'Natural Civilization' coupled with their modern understanding and prowess in Drakari mathematics and engineering. Mataga is also said to be the origin of rakiki, though this has yet to be scientifically proven or disproven.



Located between the Sisat Ocean and the Rakitana Mountains, Mataga is a relatively isolated region. Closer to the shoreline, the land is covered in shrublands. Further inland and toward the mountains, the shrubs make way for sparse woodlands and gentle hills, before becoming more densely packed forests traveling up the rising slopes of the mountains. The region is generally hot and dry during the summers, susceptible to fires, but becomes cool and moist during the short winters. Dotting the landscape, throughout the region, are hot springs of varying sizes and depths, hinting at tectonic and volcanic activity beneath the surface.

These hot springs serve as the region's primary source of water, though with a danger: Microorganisms thrive within these waters. While the Matari people have grown to become resilient to these bacteria, other members of the Drakari race and even other visiting sapients may find themselves becoming violently ill after drinking unpurified water.





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Built near Matagano, but further inland, is a large ancient pyramid structure. While overgrown with plant life, the pyramid is a common pilgrimage and religious site for followers of the Natural Civilization.

Fauna & Flora


Mataga has an extremely diverse variety of plant life, including various forms of grasses, shrubs and bushes, flowers, trees, and vines. Most of this flora has evolved to withstand the hot, dry summers and be more fire-resistant than plant life in other regions. However, these natural communities are also highly sensitive to ecological disturbances and rely heavily on the annual summer fires to thrive.

Animal life, while not as diverse as the plant life, is still plentiful in the region. Various small omnivores can be found throughout the shrublands, typically burrowing under the surface for shelter during the hotter days and to avoid wildfires. Within the forests, arboreal omnivores, and larger forms of terrestrial fauna make their homes, while the shorelines can be crowded with amphibious mammals.

Natural Resources


A staple crop of the region and a popular export is a collection of various roots and root vegetables native to the region. These plants are grown and harvested in various smaller agricultural communities throughout Mataga, with a large majority of the crop making its way to Matagano and then exported to other regions. The forests further inland toward the mountains also serve as a good source of wood.

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How similar to Earth flora is theirs if the ecoregion is classified as Mediterranean? Or is that more of an approximation?   Sounds like a pretty interesting place, though I wouldn't want to drink the water! With how diverse the life is here, how come nobody has settled it? What prevents it from being useful to even tribal life?   Are there any major landmarks?

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The terminology used for ecoregions is mostly an approximation - The Terran researchers have taken to using known biome definitions and adapting them to planets they're surveying. Mediterranean was the closest match. (Also, I used RNG to decide on what kind of biome dominated this region).   The region has been settled - The Matari people live there, and there's a large city called Matagano. It's essentially its own little state within the Drakari Union, and was previously an independent nation-state before the Drakari-Ta (The God-King that united the Drakari race and formed the Union). Others haven't settled here primarily because it's claimed territory already, the water is unsafe for other Drakari, and there's still cultural friction between the different Drakari ethnic groups.   Landmarks... There might be. That's a detail I'll have to put some more thought and planning into before I provide any specific details though. There is the city, Matagano, that's located in the region though. It's pretty well known for a strong Matari military presence.

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