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The brown furred, black haired, red-horned people of the Kitado region. The Kitadori are known for their ancient war-mongering culture, and stronger than the norm beliefs in spiritualism.


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Calling the mountain forests of Kitado their home, the Kitadori are infamous for their ancient warmongering culture. Many Kitadori today are still known for being more aggressive and quick to fight than other ethnic groups. The typical Kitadori is viewed as a short (Relatively) Drakari with light brown fur, protruding orange eyes, and black hair with blood-red horns. Usually, the blood-red color of their horns is achieved through paint - The natural color is a paler red or tan color.


Other defining features of a Drakari of Kitadori descent include short, curved horns, a long and wide muzzle, and tails that only have a tuft of hair on the end, instead of the entire length like the Chatari. Most Kitadori also have a colored eye membrane protecting their eyes, resulting in the appearance of solid-orange instead of orange irises set in white.


Kitadori are traditionally considered great hunters and soldiers, and in Drakari legend, played a strong part in the Altara Krieus's campaign to unite all Drakari under his rule as Drakari-Ta. The Kitadori are also known for the role in the recent Drakari Civil War, where the loyalist inhabitants of the Kitado fought tooth and nail against the Takri Separatists supporters from Mataga, ultimately falling when a captured Drakari fleet began bombarding loyalist cities on the planet Iraka and ended the war.


Now, still bitter about their defeat and the loss of their Drakari-Ta, pockets of loyalists believed to be made up almost entirely of Kitadori are spread throughout Iraka. These groups make occasional strikes on Takri supporting cities, raiding supplies, attacking government leaders, and generally doing everything in their power to disrupt the reformed Union. This has resulted in most Drakari, tired of continued conflict, viewing the Kitadori with disdain, mistrust, and even hostility.

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Damn. The Kitadori must be one angry and loyal bunch of folks. It was very interesting to know about some of the history of the Kitadori too.   1) First of all, I just love their physical description. They sound like a really amazing and cool race ( not to mention that the concept in itself is original). I also love their violent and military attributes, which fits into this prompt very well!   2) Secondly, the history aspects of the Kitadori were amazing to learn about too. Their role on the side of the loyalists during the Drakari Civil War was another intriguing thing to know about.   Now onto the feedback part. I’m writing all of this in a hurry so I apologise if my feedback sounds bad in any way.   1) Firstly, what are some Kitadori customs that are unique to them? Any sort of clothing, cultural activities or traditions?   2) What do they think of the other ethnicities of the Drakari and vice versa?   I’d have left a bigger comment if I only had the time. But I really loved reading about this article just like most of your other SC articles. I am keen to read about more of them! As always, your articles are amazing to read. Congrats Sierra and keep up the Amazing and awesome work!