Echo Squadron

Covert/Special Operations Branch

Written by Sierra Brown
The special/covert operations and intelligence pseudo-military branch of the United Arshan Federation's Foreign Sector.  

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Echo Squadron exists as an independent branch of military intelligence and covert operations under the direct control of the current Director of Foreign Affairs, Director Travers Frye. With a command structure similar to the other Squadrons, Echo is primarily left under the guidance of Admiral Nikolai Chyet, taking on the role of Squadron Commander. Echo is known throughout the Federation for being involved in more politically inclined operations, typically working alongside Republic of Sion forces when the Federation is called upon for assistance in an internal matter.

While no public official records exist of these activities, Echo Squadron is also heavily rumored to take part in foreign influence activities that likely weren't sanctioned by those parties - Destabilization of parties and groups not conducive to the UAF's interest, assassinations of certain figures, etcetra. So far, however, none of these have been confirmed as Federation in origin, and the few known cases of hostile espionage attacks against both the Republic of Sion and Varkesh have been traced back to the Sol Empire.



Echo Squadron's structure is nearly identical to every other Squadron in the United Arshan Federation's military. The upper command group consists of a series of tier 5 personnel responsible for command and delegation throughout the Squadron's forces. Below them, a lower command group of tier 4 personnel handle the command of each individual district. Echo's districts are divided into three main groups, similar to Alpha Squadron's structure: Divisions, Regions, and Fleets.

Also similarly to Alpha, the chain of command for each district varies based on the needs of that district, with a number of specialized groups, such as the E.R.A. Division, having even more unique structures.



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