Drakari God-King

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The ruler, founder, and deity of the Drakari Union


This article is about the concept of the Drakari-Ta as a deity and ruler of the Drakari Union. For information on important individuals declared the Drakari-Ta, reference the 'Notable Holders' section.

Many cultures have a belief in some form of deity or deities, figures of myth and legend that are said to have created existance or hold divine powers, yet are unseen. But unlike many deities this religious figure, the Drakari-Ta, or God-King in our tongue, actually existed. I met him, touched him, spoke with him. He was nothing more than a living being, like all other Drakari. Yet somehow he held the respect and admiration of all his people, simply because of the belief in a spirit. He was most certainly a benevolent leader, and greeted me with open arms. It is unfortunate we shall not meet again.
K'ta'kr'tee Dovolish scholar

For as long as citizens of the Drakari Union can remember, they have always been led by the Drakari-Ta, or God-King. Not a person in and of itself, the Drakari-Ta is the concept of a spirit - An ancient Drakari ruler, reincarnated from generation to generation, and destined to rule his people through peace and prosperity. According to written history and folk tales, this is exactly what each descendant Drakari-Ta has done.



This section is subject to extensive change as details about the Drakari language are worked out.

The term Drakari-ta is a derivation of the Drakari term Kari-Ta. It is said that Altara Krieus, the first Drakari-Ta, created this term to represent the unity of the Drakari people and his role as a leader of all Drakari, and not just a single clan. Drakari-Ta has come to represent both the concept of the spiritual deity the Drakari people follow, and the title of the current, present, and future leaders of the Drakari Union - At least until its abolishment following the Drakari Civil War.


Each Drakari-Ta is hand-selected by the previous God-King to be the next vessel for Altara Krieus' spirit following the eventual death of the current body. This is done far in advance to give the chosen successor and his family time to prepare, typically within a few weeks after a Drakari-Ta Na'Tika ceremony.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Karili Tiku Traditional Tail Wrapping

Main Article: Karili Tiku

While not a tradition exclusive to the Drakari-Ta, he is generally the only Drakari culturally permitted to wear Karili Tiku of the color red. This red coloration symbolizes the 'eternal life' of Altara's spirit and the higher status as the Drakari-Ta of the Union.



Physical Manifestation

The Drakari-Ta is always described and perceived as being at the apex of physical fitness. He is never ill, and even when old age claims his body, his spirit is considered strong and able. Physically, as Altara Krieus is a spiritual being who inherits the body of a Drakari, his outward appearance can vary from body to body. Nobody knows what the Drakari-Ta truly looks like. Even the folktales and legends vary on their descriptions of Altara - Sometimes favoring him as a member of whichever clan is citing the legend.


Religious Concepts and Practices

Drakari-Ta Vikato God-King Covenant

Main article: Drakari-Ta Vikato

Over the years, the Drakari-Ta has instated pacts under what is known as the Drakari-Ta Vikato - Universal law that all Drakari must obey and adhere to, or forever be exiled from their home and clan. Summaries of the pacts are listed below, in the order they have been instated:

  • Drakari shall not commit war upon another Drakari. To do so violates the Pact of Peace.
  • Drakari shall not evade their destined death. To do so violates the Pact of Life.
  • Drakari shall not desecrate their mind and body with artificial life. To do so violates the Pact of Purity.
  • Drakari shall treat all members of Varkesh as they were Drakari. To do otherwise violates the Pact of Alliance.

Drakari-Ta Na'Tika God-King Festival

Main article: Drakari-Ta Na'Tika

Held upon the death of the Drakari-Ta's mortal vessel, the Drakari-Ta Na'Tika, or 'God-King Festival', is a 3 day celebration of the God-King's life and rebirth into a new vessel. During this festival, a Drakari chosen and prepared far in advance by the previous God-King is 'coronated' as the new Drakari-Ta, and the new leader of the Drakari Union.


The First Drakari-Ta 1 2nd Era

Main article: Altara Krieus

While there are no written records of the first God-King, Drakari folktales speak legends of Altara Krieus. Altara united the warring clans and first formed the Drakari Union many centuries ago, taking on the title of 'Drakari-Ta' as the leader of this newly unified race.


According to legend, Altara was merely another Drakari that was born in the 'feudal times', also referred to as the 1st Era. Where he was born, and to which clan, varies widely among the stories told by his people. However, the most common story holds that Altara was born into the Chatari Clan, though this is impossible to confirm. Trained as a warrior, but raised as a scholar, Altara quickly became the clan's 'Kari-Ta', or clan leader, at a relatively young age.


Acting on a vision or dream (The exact terminology varies between legends) that Altara spoke of often, but no written record exists of, the young Chatari leader began reaching out to the neighbouring clans. The stories say he was ignored at first, even ridiculed by the other clans' Kari-Ta for his youth  

It is often said that Altara spoke of a dream of a united, peaceful, prosperous people - A concept that, according to folktales, was met with ridicule at first. But, as Altara rose through his clan's ranks to eventually become the Kari-Ta, his own people began to believe in his dream. It was said he had an unnatural charisma and strength about him that allowed him to resolve almost any conflict without bloodshed. Some written records conflict with these legends, however, citing numerous violent battles as Altara began his campaign to unite the Drakari people.


The First Drakari-Ta Na'Tika 96 2nd Era

Main article: Drakari-Ta Na'Tika

According to legend, Altara Krieus, the original Drakari-Ta, was approached in his dreams by a spirit during the final years of his life. This spirit told him that he was "destined to lead the Drakari people to an era of peace and prosperity, even in death" and that he "must choose a suitable successor from which [his] spirit shall continue [his] reign.".


The next day, Altara addressed the people. He told them of the dream he had, of the spirit that spoke to him, and that his decision was already made. His eldest son, Isuro Krieus, whom had already been generally accepted as the upcoming heir would be this new successor that his spirit would reign from. They were told not to feel sorrow for his coming death, but to feel joy for the continuation of the Union and his spirit.


Just two years later, Altara passed away of old age. Despite his wishes not to feel sorrow, the Drakari people all came together in a traditional Day of Mourning (Typically observed the day after family or loved ones pass away). The entire Union following the rituals and traditions of death of a single loved one on the same day was an event never before recorded in Drakari history, and legends claim that "even through his death, Drakari-Ta held his people united.".


Isuro was declared the new Drakari-Ta, and the new leader of the Union with great fanfare the next day. Legend holds that during his opening speech, Isuro seemed to channel his father's spirit - His mannerisms, his intelligence, and his charisma all seemed to change from the Isuro everyone had come to know, to that of Altara, their late king. Some legends claim that Altara was seen standing beside him, others say that Isuro was completely replaced by Altara, but every legend agrees that the Drakari-Ta's vision of his spirit reigning from the body of his son became true. A festival was held shortly after, lasting the evening and the rest of the next day.


These events formed the basis of the 3 day Drakari-Ta Na'Tika - The Day of Mourning and Preparation, The Day of Coronation, and The Day of Celebration. However, the name 'Drakari-Ta Na'tika' was not officially used until much later.

Notable Holders

Altara Krieus 1 2nd Era → 96 2nd Era

Main article: Altara Krieus

The original Drakari-Ta, Altara Krieus is the immortal ruling spirit that resides within all past, current, and future Drakari-Ta, according to Drakari legend.

Isuro Krieus 96 2nd Era → 200 2nd Era

Main article: Isuro Krieus

Isuro was the first successor Drakari-Ta and Altara's first-born son. Isuro was also the first leader believed to be sharing his body with the spirit of Altara Krieus.

Krisus Drara 575 2nd Era → 683 2nd Era

Main article: Krisus Drara

The reigning Drakari-Ta when the Varkesh initiated first contact with the Drakarian Union. Krisus set forth the motions that eventually integrated the Union into the Varkesh as a member state.

Kritar Vedus 683 2nd Era → 716 2nd Era

Main article: Kritar Vedus

The last Drakari-Ta to lead the Drakari Union, Kritar and his family were killed in the conclusion of the Drakari Civil War.

Nobility, Non-hereditary
The concept of the Drakari-Ta was abolished and outlawed in 716 2nd Era/1 3rd Era following the Drakari Civil War.
1 2nd Era
Alternative Naming
Equates to
Similar to an Emperor or a King
Length of Term
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Altara Krieus
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2nd Era

1 2nd Era - 765 2nd Era

Also referred to as the Era of the Drakari-Ta. The 2nd Era of the Drakari Calendar begins with the forming of the Drakari Union and declaration of the first Drakari-Ta, Altara Krieus.


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