Drakari System

Written by Sierra Brown

A star system in Varkesh space that contains the Drakari homeworld Iraka, as well as the Drakari colonized planet Takri. The Drakari System was the site of a recent and bloody civil war that reformed the Drakari Union.


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Located in the middle of Varkesh space, the Drakari System is home to the Drakari species. Until 2680 A.D., the system was declared a no-contact zone by the Varkesh under the non-interference clause regarding non-space faring sapient cultures. This was lifted sometime after the Drakari successfully colonized their neighbouring planet in the system, and now, despite the recent war, the Drakari System has become a hub of interstellar activity from foreign visitors conducting trade, research, and in the case of the Terrans, 'humanitarian aid' efforts.



The system includes a single F-class star with six orbiting planets, two of which are habitable: Iraka and Takri.

Alternative Name(s)
Drakano, or 'The People's Home'
Star System
Location under
Milky Way
Included Locations
Owning Organization
Drakari Union

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