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Dominika Kirilisav

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by Sierra Brown, NovaCandy, and Irbeus


A fresh transfer from Kilo, Dominika is a highly skilled transport pilot and one of the newest members of Blackjack aboard the Esther IV.

Senior Corporal Dominika Rogers Kirilisav (a.k.a. Bunny; Nika; Kiri)

Dominika Kirilisav - Portrait by Irbeus

Dominika Kirilisav, often called Nika or Kiri for short, is a transport pilot for the Arshanov Federation. She is a recent transfer to the Alfa Elite Forces and the Esther IV, alongside her Sionian co-pilot and lover, Ziva Karim. Kirilisav is known for her generally quiet demeanor, cautious but reliable flight record, and the stammer she has when she does speak. She has also gained a quick reputation among Blackjack for being very particular about how her ship is maintained and run.


Personal History

Dominika was born in 2698 A.D. to Arshan frontier colonists. A mining accident left her orphaned only a year after she was born. She spent the first several years of her childhood living in a joint Arshan-Sionian orphanage, known primarily by her nickname Nika. At age seven, she was adopted by an Arshan family - Rasine and Riško Kirilisav. The remainder of her childhood was spent with her new family - A retired Kilo salvager with a crippled leg, and a retired Ekho combat operative from Halo Division. Her adoptive father passed away when she turned ten, but she grew close to her mother as she reached adulthood.

When she came of age, she enlisted into the Kilo Logistics Forces as a salvager and pilot operating in the frontier systems. She was assigned to the ARV Lancer, a salvage corvette, and served under Major Arseni Walterson. Aboard the ARV Lancer, she also met Ziva Karim, a fresh engineer with whom she became quick friends. The pair became virtually inseparable as they worked aboard the corvette.

While Nika's primary duties were that as a shuttle pilot, she was often found on the bridge of the Lancer itself, handling the helm under the guidance of the ship's command staff. This earned her the nickname and callsign of 'Bunny,' coined by Major Walterson jokingly referring to her as a bridge bunny.

She continued her career aboard the Lancer for the remainder of her mandatory 6 year service period, then elected to continue her service alongside Ziva. The pair had fallen for each other and had registered to be permanent deployment partners with the Federation if they were ever redeployed.

It didn't take long for redeployment to occur. A Walterson announced his intention to retire in 2725, both Kirilisav and Karim were surprised with an invitation to meet with an Alfa Elite Forces recruiting officer. They were both offered a position as part of a Blackjack Combat Logistics Division crew, deployed aboard an Alfa mobile fleet, at the recommendation of their former ship commander.

They accepted the invitation and are now two of the newest recruits to the Blackjack division service aboard the Esther IV. Their three-man crew is complemented by medical technician Zhai Kovac - Another fresh transfer to Alfa assigned to them due to their fluency in Sionian languages. Their transfer also brought with it a promotion for Kirilisav and Karim to Senior, with Nika receiving the new Corporal command rank.



Kirilisav has no formal or academic education. Instead, her skillset came from apprenticeships and experience aboard the Lancer as both a pilot and salvager. The Federation has recognized her experience with a recent promotion to Senior and with recorded certification to pilot shuttles and corvettes and handle basic hull repair and salvage work.



Nika's military career has primarily been focused on piloting. She operated as an EVA salvager and the salvage shuttle's co-pilot for her first deployment aboard the ARV Lancer. She was quickly promoted to pilot when the previous primary pilot was transferred to active duty. She continued these duties, alongside occasionally acting as assistant helm operator for the Lancer itself until she was picked up for transfer to Alfa. She now serves as a logistical combat transport pilot for Blackjack aboard the Esther IV.



While she hasn't received any high profile awards in her career, Dominika has been granted a number of general military ribbons by the Federation and the Kilo Logistics Forces. Most notable is a combat action ribbon that was awarded to both herself and Ziva after successfully repelling a band of pirates that had attempted to board and hijack their shuttle, then fired upon the vessel as they fled. Dominika was also awarded a good conduct medal alongside her transfer to the Alfa Elite Forces.

Other minor ribbons she has received include service ribbons for shuttle piloting and logistical support, as well as Kilo's logistical longevity ribbons for her service time beyond the mandatory citizen service period.


General Physical Condition

Kirilisav is in generally good shape, with a thin, athletic body. She has no known mental or physical conditions outside of her stammer, which has improved over time, and a potential genetic immunity disorder discovered by medical staff on board the Esther IV.



Kirilisav stands at the height of five-foot-six, with a thin, almost lanky build. Her pale skin is laced with rosy undertones, and her dark-blue sapphire eyes are set beneath her long, straight, raven black hair that's either kept loose or tied in a bun in uniform. She typically holds a resting, neutral expression. She looks through things around her when she's not focusing on someone or something as if distracted in thought.


Typical Apparel

Outside of her uniform, Nika's usual style is toward cargo pants and long sleeve shirts or tank tops in warmer climates. Colors are a variety with no attempts at matching or keeping to a palette, though she prefers tans and reds and avoids pink. She likes to wear her utility boots, even when not in uniform or off-duty, and typically wears a dark scarlet-red beret.

Dominika Kirilisav - Commuter

Dominika Kirilisav in civilian clothing commuting in the Arshanov Federation's civilian sector.

Current Status
Deployed aboard the Esther IV as a member of Blackjack.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Senior Corporal (1-3)
Combat Logistics Transport Pilot
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
February 17, 2698 AD
Circumstances of Birth
Orphaned and adopted
Dark sapphire blue
Raven black, medium-length, kept loose or tied into a bun while in uniform
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale with rosey undertones
120 lb
Other Affiliations
Appears in...
Favorite Color
Scarlet red
Known Languages

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