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D/P-17 Mech Trost (Трость-меч / Cane Sword)

Personal Defense Pistol

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork NovaCandy.


The Mech Trost is a smaller variant of the UASF's current standard-issue combat sidearm issued to officers, vehicle crew, and personnel that need a more discreet option.

The current standard-issue personal defense weapon for officers and police forces is the Mech Trost, a lightweight pistol utilizing the Arshan pistol cartridge. While this weapon lacks the punch of its higher-caliber A/P-16 "Mech Boyevoy" cousin, it can still stop unarmored hostile targets while being smaller than a combat-size weapon. The Mech Trost comes with a 10-round magazine and supports a 20-round magazine that extends past the hand grip.



The gun is built off the Kepplinger method for modular weapons, using the Kepplinger Pistol Design pattern. While its heavier cousin's design uses a milled carbide-steel frame, the Mech Trost uses an injection-molded polymer instead. This polymer allows the weapon to be even lighter than its combat variant. The firearm's internal mechanisms are also adjusted to accommodate the lighter payload of the pistol caliber round.

While Kepplinger developed his designs around modularity and attachments, the Mech Trost includes a built-in set of backup iron sights complete with a glow-in-the-dark coating. These iron sights are not removable but are low-profile and don't hinder attachable sights.



As part of the Kepplinger Modular Weapon System, the Mech Trost can accept a variety of attachments. The barrel can accept threaded compensators, flash hiders, and suppressors. Any accessory utilizing a Kepplinger lock mount, such as weapon sights, lights, or laser modules, is compatible with the D/P-17.

Standard issue for the D/P-17 includes a non-magnified low profile reflex sight and a LAM/flashlight mount, specifically designed to be compatible with various concealed holsters.



The D/P-17 and its larger cousin, the A/P-16, share a common history. Both pistols were developed together by Kepplinger, despite the Admiral Director initially only looking for a new combat pistol model. Admiral-Director Puskova was uninterested in the smaller Mech Trost or in trialing a new defensive pistol model at the time. However, the Ekho Intelligence Forces expressed interest in an updated compact model for E.R.A. agents and other intelligence officers. This interest swayed other force commanders to test a new compact pistol as well, and weapon trials began shortly after the designation of the Mech Boyavoy as the new A/P-16 combat pistol.

The Mech Trost, designated the XP/17-1 during testing, only had two other competitors during the development and trial period: The Model 4 Kallej, an imported Sionian design designated XP/17-2; and the XP/17-3, a bespoke Arshan model developed by a former Halo operator that. The Mech Trost won out with its similarity to the new combat pistol. The growing familiarity with the Kepplinger modular weapon system throughout the Federation's military aided the Mech Trost's acceptance. The standard-issue combat rifle, the A/R-32 Arrow, was also a Kepplinger model that had passed its trials several months prior.

Regulators scrapped the XP/17-3 design after a critical failure resulting in injury during a trial. The Kallej remains a popular option within the Republic of Sion and an occasional alternative chosen by Ekho agents operating within Sionian territory.

The Federation ran weapons trials for only a month before issuing the Mech Trost in January of 483 AST. The new personal defense pistol is now a standard issue for all command officers, vehicle crewmembers, and other personnel who do not want the full-size Mech Boyavoy or need a smaller option for concealment or storage purposes.

Table of Contents

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Standard-Issue Arshan sidearm. Extremely common in Arshan and Sionian circles.
Weaponry Type
Firearm; Ballistic; Sidearm
Standard Pistol Caliber

Cover image: Sairis Helosi Portrait, Galaxies End Logo, & Arshan Emblem by NovaCandy & Sierra Brown


Author's Notes

Trivia: Mech Trost is a westernization of the Russian translation for 'Cane Sword.'

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