Arshan Utility Duty Uniform


Written by Sierra Brown
Artwork by HiredClaws

The United Arshan Federation's utility uniform. This jumpsuit is worn by pilots, engineers, and other military personnel performing tasks not suitable for the General Duty Uniform.

Worn by engineers, custodians, and other similar workers, the Utility Duty Uniform is designed for utility and safety when working with heavy machinery and is generally very easy to clean. The uniform is intended to have no metal and no loose hanging parts for added safety. Typically, the Utility Dress Uniform is called the 'Yutes'.



Utility Jumpsuit

Primarily in a gray color lighter than the Service Dress and General Duty uniforms, the Utility Duty Uniform takes shape in a full-body jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is held closed using a zipper along the front. Similar to the Service Dress uniform, the jumpsuit includes a 3/4-inch colored squadron 'trim' along the left and right seams, inner sleeves, and outer sleeves. The right shoulder holds the same command tier accent color as well. This trim and accent is highly reflective for better visibility of the wearer in darker work areas.

Arshan Utiltiy Duty Uniform
Arshan Utiltiy Duty Uniform by HiredClaws

Insignia, Patches, and Pins

See Arshan Military Uniform for more details on Arshan insignia, patches, and pins

Monochrome patches, names, and rank markings are stitched into the jumpsuit in a reflective white-grey color in place of standard patches. Along the left sleeve, from top to bottom, are the Unit Emblem, Unit Name, and Rank Stripes which wrap all the way around the sleeve. Down the right sleeve is the UAF Emblem, Squadron Name, and the same rank stripes. The wearer's name is stitched onto the right chest, in approximately the same position as all other uniforms. There are no markings or insignia on the collar.

Arshan Service Dress Coat Left Sleeve Reference
Arshan Service Dress Coat Left Sleeve Reference by Sierra Brown

Cover image: Arshan Military Uniform by Sierra Brown & HiredClaws


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