Arshan Sergeant

Command Tier 1

Written by Sierra Brown
Artwork by Sierra Brown and HiredClaws

The first command tier of the Arshan military ranking system. Tier 1 personnel are also known as Sergeants and are generally responsible for a team of 6-12 individual personnel.

Rank Abbv Name
1-0 SGR Sergeant Recruit
1-1 JSG Sergeant, Junior
1-2 SGT Sergeant
1-3 SSG Sergeant, Senior
1-4 SFC Sergeant First Class

At the lowest level of personnel whom officially hold command, tier 1 personnel are placed in charge of individual teams ranging from six to twelve persons each. These command roles can be anything from a Foxtrot infantry squad leader, to a Delta divisional shift lead aboard a ship, to the flight lead of a Tango strike unit. Tier 1 personnel are responsible for coordinating the personnel under their command in accomplishing whatever task the team has been assigned by the personnel above them.


Generally, Sergeant ranks require personnel to have passed a command qualification test and to have been in service at a seniority above recruit for six months within the area they'll be commanding (I.e., service with an infantry squad to become a squad leader, or service with a medical shift to become a medical shift leader). This requirement is to ensure some level of experience before allowing personnel to be placed in a position of authority. These can vary, however, depending on the requirements of a specific tier 1 billet.


Sergeant ranks are granted to all personnel whom are given a tier 1 command billet. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Infantry Squad Leaders
  • Ship Shift Leaders
  • Small Craft Crew Chiefs (Multi-Crewed Craft) or Flight Leads (Single-Crewed Craft)
  • Logistics Quartermasters

Promotions to Sergeant ranks are normally conferred by the new Sergeant's immediate superior, typically a Tier 2 personnel. This includes orientation to the deck, platoon, wing, etc and issuing of rank insignia and unit patches. No special ceremonies are involved with Sergeant ranks.


For information on how personnel advance through the individual Sergeant seniority ranks, see the Rank Seniority section of Arshan Military Ranks.


Sergeants, as per Arshan doctrine, are responsible for managing their designated team. This includes ensuring orders delegated down to them from Tier 2 and higher personnel is carried out efficiently. Sergeants are considered to be responsible for the well being and actions of team members under their command, and the successes or failures of the team as a whole are generally placed upon the Sergeant himself.


Exact responsibilities vary depending on the duties of the Sergeant's billet, but generally the Sergeant is responsible for:

  • Receiving orders from their superior and distributing individual tasks to their team members.
  • Providing regular status updates to their superior including successes, failures, and potential issues.
  • Maintaining an accurate and up to date record of performance and merit for each member of their team.
  • Ensuring the team is working together seamlessly, and addressing any inter-personal issues appropriately.

Accoutrements & Equipment


Arshan Rank Insignia - Sergeant
Arshan Rank Insignia - Sergeant by Sierra Brown

Insignias and uniform markings for Tier 1 personnel consist of the color green on the shoulder and a single pip insignia on the uniform's collar. Formal insignia worn on the Service Dress Coat are a single horizontal bar pinned to the left collar.

General Duty Jacket - Sergeant (Arshan)
General Duty Jacket - Sergeant (Arshan) by HiredClaws

Service Dress Coat - Sergeant (Arshan)
Service Dress Coat - Sergeant (Arshan) by HiredClaws

Utility Duty Uniform - Sergeant (Arshan)
Utility Duty Uniform - Sergeant (Arshan) by HiredClaws

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As command tier ranks are granted on a billet based system, Sergeant ranks are revoked once the billet ends. Personnel may also find themselves demoted prematurely if their performance, or the performance of their assigned team is unsatisfactory.

Alternative Naming
Sergeant; Sarge
Source of Authority
Arshan military doctrine
Length of Term
Varying; Billet-based
Current Holders
Related Professions
Previous Rank Arshan Private
Next Rank Arshan Lieutenant
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Private (Arshan)
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Arshan Sergeant
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The first command tier of the Arshan military ranking system. Tier 1 personnel are also known as Sergeants and are generally responsible for a team of 6-12 individual personnel.

Cover image: Arshan Sergeant Insignia & Markings by Sierra Brown & HiredClaws


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Gyrannon Valdagesh
14 Aug, 2018 03:58

Concerning your military system, do you have (or plan to make) a chart that shows overall authority? Thinking a chart similar to Mafia, Guilds, etc. (another example - displayed like a Family Tree).

14 Aug, 2018 17:30

A chart would probably help a lot. I'm just a tad worried about it getting cluttered... I also need to find a service for making charts that's actually somewhat decent and let's me set up the chart however I want.

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Pretty cool. Have you considered adding to the equipment section items that might aid them in their duty beyond their appearance? Like a pistol for shooting soldiers in dereliction of duty.

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That equipment will vary widely depending on the exact role of the sergeant (I.e., infantry squad leaders vs logistical shift leaders I plan to add those details in the profession articles for those roles I'll be adding later.

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This is cool. I'm not horribly familiar with military ranks but it looks solid and concise. Is the stripe on the uniforms just a solid color, with different ranks in different colors?

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Do you mean the white stripe? That color represents the overall 'squadron' (Military branch) someone is in. In this case, white means 'Alpha Squadron', but any branch can have command personnel from any tier - I just default to white because 'Alpha' comes first in alphabetical order and is therefore the first template in my art folder.


Seniority ranks are represented by a series of horizontal stripes on the sleeves, ranging from 0 stripes (For recruits) to 4 stripes (For first class ranks). Command tiers are represented by the color on the shoulder, and by the rank insignia on the collar.

Nichole Roach
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Ok. I misunderstood the graphic. that makes more sense :)

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Yeah EBI just meant even better if. And for the billet thing I thought it might just be my lack of knowledge in the field.

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Ah, good to know for the future. Just for reference, a billet is based a duty/job that you're assigned for a specific period of time - I.e. a 6 month billet in an administrative position before you return to your normal duties after the 6 months are up.