Arshan General Duty Uniform

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by Sierra Brown.


The United Arshan Federation's general duty uniform, commonly worn by military staff in officers or performing non-physical tasks.

The General Duty Uniform serves as the 'default' uniform worn by all personnel not operating in a battlefield, combat, or utility role, or not otherwise granted an allowance to wear other clothing due to their duties. The uniform has similar components to the Service Dress Uniform, with the only changes being in the jacket and insignia worn. Common nicknames for the uniform includes 'Blacks'.



General Duty Jacket

The General Duty Jacket is the same dark-gray color as the Service Dress Uniform, and is held closed using a zipper, similar in design to an early 21st century 'windbreaker'. The jacket has a 3/4-inch colored trim, matching the personnel's branch color, following the edges of the cloth - The lower hem, zipper flaps, top of the collar, and cuffs of the sleeves. The right shoulder is accent-colored based on command tier but lacks this accent if the person lacks a command role.

Arshan General Duty Jacket (Infographic) by HiredClaws

Slacks and Shoes

The General Duty Uniform includes a pair of slacks, of a dark gray-black color matching the coat. A 3/4-inch trim, using the personnel's branch color, follows the outer seams of the trousers. A belt, also matching the personnel's branch color, is worn with a black buckle, though this is usually unseen as the duty jacket is long enough to hide the belt. The shoes follow similar regulation patterns to early 21st century United States regulations for male shoes - Black oxford style, undecorated and unperforated lace-up style shoes. The slacks and shoes are also worn with the Service Dress Uniform.


Insignia, Patches, and Pins

See Arshan Military Uniform for more details on Arshan insignia, patches, and pins

All insignia and patches are worn on the duty jacket. Along the left sleeve, from top to bottom, are the Unit Patch, Unit Name Patch, and Rank Stripes. Along the right sleeve, from top to bottom, are the UAF Military Patch, Branch Name Patch, and Rank Stripes. A nametag patch is stitched over the right chest, in approximately the same positioning as the Service Dress Coat. Rank insignia pip-pins are pinned to the right collar, while command insignia is pinned to the left collar. Ribbons and awards are not worn on the General Duty Uniform.

Arshan General Duty Uniform - Reference by elMengu (Template) & Sierra Brown (Design)
Arshan General Duty and Service Dress Uniforms by NovaCandy
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Subtype / Model
Owning Organization
Standard issue throughout the United Arshan Federation. Unmarked civilian variants are sometimes found in the Republic of Sion's Katar Tribe.
Varying - Uniforms are typically tailor-fit for the person wearing them.

Cover image: Sairis Helosi Portrait, Galaxies End Logo, & Arshan Emblem by NovaCandy & Sierra Brown


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