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Qattago Aerial Homes

The qattago are a species of small frogfolk who inhabit the tropical jungles of Galactus. They have developed a poisonous skin to protect themselves against large beasts or monsters which might otherwise find their small and soft bodies to be an easy meal. However, this defense mechanism does not protect them against malignant creatures who might kill them for sport or from unwanted visitors. To hide themselves away from these threats, the qattago have developed ingenious structures high in the tree tops, keeping them camouflaged and well out of reach of many of the dangers of jungle life.

Qattago live in permanent dwellings nestled high in the crooks of branches. These dwellings are usually small, one-roomed huts or cabins made of fallen branches and sticks, woven together and anchored to one another as well as the host tree by sturdy vines. The outer sides of each wall are then covered carefully with leaves form the host tree, forming an excellent disguise. On the inside, a floor made of tightly woven sticks and vines supports crude wooden furniture from the same materials. The qattago typically leave a hold in the roof of the dwelling to allow rain inside, as these frogfolk prefer moist conditions and collect huge amounts of water to keep themselves hydrated. The qattago sleep on beds of softer leaves, grasses, ferns, and other jungle plants. Each family shares a single bed, but large families may add an extra room to accommodate more family members. The huts have no windows, but plenty of sunlight filters through the leaves above. The entrances to these dwellings are covered in curtains of leaves and vines to keep the camouflage intact.

What makes qattago dwellings most unique is their use of vines to form intricate pathways between huts. Qattago towns are built entirely in the treetops, and some of these frogfolk may never set foot on the ground in their entire lives, depending on the individual's role in the community. Large and small meeting platforms can be built as well, and sturdy walkways often run around the tree trunks to allow several dwellings per tree. Larger towns may even have aerial marketplaces for other cultures to visit and trade with, but these are typically separated from the rest of the dwellings by some distance and difficult climbing for the safety of the rest of the community. Qattago store communal food and water in specially built huts, and share evenly amongst one another regardless of each individual's contribution. They see little need for the currency of other folk and typically deal exclusively through the trading of goods and services.

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