How Space Travel Works

When it comes to tech, there are two types: normal (reactionless sub-light) and jump drive. There are a few ways between these options, but they are because some species, like Medomon, that have developed abilities to travel at those speeds.

Reactionless Drive Travel

We will be using a simplified version of the calculations of GURPS 4e. Roll Navigation (Space).
[0.01c*50*(number of engines)]/SM (max is 1c)
c = 186,000 mps of course

Jump Drives

Communication isn't faster than light, so when a stardrive prepares for a Jump it is a completely blind move. Because of this, ships ALWAYS jump to outside of any star system, to be safer, then make a journey sub-light into the system.
Jump drives take time to power up and prepare the Jump bubble. While it is activated, nobody can leave the starship. Roll Navigation (Jumpdrive), but if going somwhere you've never been roll at -4.


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