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Ceya, 27th Day of Yulin, Year 1663 AE

Gailardia, a world bustling with the astral light of mana, its vast powers having shaped the foundations of civilization since the dawn of time. Once governed by the draconic races, Mortalkind have taken command of its lands, on a quest eternal for understanding and wielding the powers of Gailardia's light, and fighting back the darkness which seeks to corrupt its grace.

The world of Gailardia and its systems is a, yet unnamed, homebrew TTRPG system, with its foundation built from D&D 3.5e, with inspiration drawn from other systems, such as D&D 5e and Pathfinder 2e. Serving as the pet-project of a worldbuilder, it seeks to capture a TTRPG experience with aspects of simplicity and the freedom to tinker with a character fantasy of endless possibilities.

Much a work-in-progress, Gailardia aims to fuse the familiar core fundamentals and familiar archetypes with room for expanding in a great variety of ways, from the pure magic user to a mounted mage knight with a loyal beast at their side. Should such a champion of good or evil reach the pinnacle of mortal might, the mythic powers of the gods stand ready to wage legendary battles across the World Tree.

While certainly a most arduous task, a great pleasure is had from "re-inventing the wheel", if only to appease one's own vision of a world most dear to you. Thus is Gailardia and its realms shaped by the mechanics of gameplay as the world continues to grow through the creative spirits of a simple worldbuilder and fan of TTRPG's.