The Cataclysm

Era beginning/end

Circa 750

"In one singular rotation of the heavens it is known that the world of Gods and Mortals ended in blood and chaos. It is known that our world still stands in the shadow of great Darkness for the Sins of our Fathers and Mothers. It is known that our cities burned, our leaders were slain, the Gods fought, and our world was thrown into the Hell it stands in today. What is not known, is everything else.   -Quintus Promaxius
The Darkest Night. The Day of the End. The Cataclysm. It has many names and it's impact on the world of Mortals is still felt to this day. The world is said to have been in a Golden Age before the End, where the Gods walked with mortals as equals. Evidence of this greater world lies in the Ruins of Old Venii and the Jungles of Unzi, where collapsed towers of impossible heights have be seen, as well as artifacts of tremendous power that have been recovered. This all changed one night, and little else is known. Some say an ancient evil was unleashed that day, some claim a disease swept the land. Some even say that it is simply a fairy tale told to scare their child. However, the Gods have now gone silent, and the Mortal Plane struggles against the remaining darkness that encroaches upon them. This mysterious event ushered in a Dark Age upon the world, one that the world remains in to this very day.