Kingdom of L'yon

The Kingdom of L'yon is certainly a breath of fresh air in these times. A temperate climate through out, bountiful forests fill the land of L'yon, providing lumber and game for the kingdom's inhabitants. Small, but prosperous mountains dot the land and the north mountain range provides them with many choke points to build forts and strongholds to protect them from foreign invaders. A kingdom of many cultures, conflicts from ancient times proved to cement a last union between old rivals. Putting the past aside, the former kingdoms of Mayrn, Polmeau, Syaomd united during The Cataclysm and became the Kingdom of L'yon, separating from the corrupt and dying Ventruvian Imperium, lead by the elected King Affan Ziyad.   No one truly knows much about what happened in L'yon during The Cataclysm. It took centuries to recover from the damage done from the unearthly destruction, even with the assistance of the many circles of druids and the College of Magi in Lesbon. What is known is that the Kingdom of L'yon weathered the storm far better than their neighbors. With the backing of their people, the rulers of L'yon clawed their way out of the apocalypse to carve out a beacon of light in this age of darkness. Though they have struggled with their fair share of internal conflict, the Kingdom of L'yon now stays united against the darkest of the world.   The Kingdom of L'yon did suffer tremendously during the year 1287. Back to back conflicts with the Kingdom of Yorleoux and an ancient foe of the living, Al'Shan Kull, have left the Kingdom in a state of recovery. Known as the War for Huelva and the War for the Living, the loss of life in both conflicts was high and to make the situation worse, Al Shan Kull succeeded in dampening Life magic in the area, significantly slowing down the recovery process. This has not been the first time L'yon has been struck a hard blow, however, and they have regained much of their strength in the years that followed.


The King and Queen are the heads of the state affairs, sharing power while overseeing any disputes and having the final say in issues of law. The King and Queen are chosen by an election from the Izbelian Council, a group of nobles, tradesmen, clergy, and common folk from the three houses. Bound by duty rather than marriage, the King and Queen rule as representatives of two of the three houses, the other house can then choose a member of their house to become the Potemi Tez, the head of the Izbelian Council. The Council represents three royal families:   The House of Ziyad are of the bloodline of the original King of the Golden Hilt, Affan Ziyad. They take a tremendous amount of pride in leading the Kingdom to prosperous times and are stalwart defenders of their country and have driven many enemy from their lands. Still yet, the House of Ziyad claims the best scholars in the country. If not for the scholars of Ziyad, the Kingdom of L'yon would certainly have been caught in the dark age that swept through the rest of the continent.   The House of Batoni are gifted artists and politicians. Wielding the words of their people, they speak so that the people of L'yon have a voice. The most diplomatic of the three houses, the House of Batoni was founded from humble origins from common blood, bonding them with the common folk. The first king of the Batoni family, Pomeo Batoni, established the House of Commons in 1424 so that the public would be more capable of having a voice in the kingdom's affairs. When they are not campaigning for the common folk, they can be found providing beautiful art of all varieties to the streets of L'yon, spreading the glorious history of the Kingdom and its three houses.   The House of Ivrena are said to have been founded by Marlo Ivrena, a powerful champion of Asha before the Cataclysm. Whether these claims are true or not matters little, as it is the House of Ivrena that have devoted their family to serving Asha, the Goddess of Life and Nature, providing services to the less fortunate and ensuring the Kingdom of L'yon remains in balance with nature. Whether it is bringing peace of the lives of L'yonians or helping the forests remain bountiful, the House of Ivrena has proven a valuable asset to the Kingdom for many centuries.

Public Agenda

The goals of L'yon are the union of their people and bringing hope back to this fallen world.

The Lion defends their Pride.

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Geopolitical, Kingdom
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