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Mythi (Mii-th-ee)

The Mythi are a Beast-kin rodent like race that share its residences with the Kingdom of Mythia and often mistaken as being the foudners of the Mythian kingdom itself. They in fact come from a conclave at the edge of Mythian territory known as Caerloist.  
They look like little mice I think, but about three to four feet tall. They can cook some damn good meals though out of anything. It's no wonder the little guys run most of the Inns in the Kingdom.
~Dagen Wyrmrooth, Maelstromer adventurer.

Basic Information


The Mythi are a small bipedal race that stand digitigrade, however they can also walk and stand flat on thier feet. They usually have a long tail that drags behind them, that is usually lightly furred or just skin. They have beady eyes and visible whiskers, However blindness is a common thing amongst their kind, which as of this lore entry, is unknown why its uncommon amongst the race.     They have large ears that can either be rounded or pointed. This seems to be their primary sense and it is seen amongst the blind Mythi who use sound to locate themselves in a world. Despite having two sharp teeth at teh front of thier maw, they do have omnivore traits with an affinity towards vegetarianism. They have claws on thier paws and feet which are uses to dig and cling to snowy surfaces.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

The Mythi display very intelligent attributes. They have coexisted along the much larger human maelstromers and amongst the most extreme of environments relying on their smarts. Mythi scholars are a very common thing and even some attend universities as speakers and teachers.  
One word of advice, mate, Don't challenge a Mythi to a game of chess, you'll be in checkmate before you can put yer first sip of ale down!
~Roiry Rockworn, Patron of Mythia

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Mythi have large round or pointed ears that are easily distinguishable in a silhouette. Every one in one-hundred mythi however are born blind, or legally blind. So they heavily rely on their nose, whiskers and sound to get around in the world. They are heavily involved in the magical arts which has further supplemented their sensory abilities. They are natural mages that can become quite powerful if they dedicate themselves to the arts.

Civilization and Culture


The Mythi come from the city of Caerloist. A city nestled by a hotspring and known as a frontier city to the Great Divide. The mythi are said to have evolved from a field mouse or some variation of a mouse that was accustomed to the arctic conditions that are present in northern Maelstrom. Thousands of years have passed as they peacefully coexisted with the natural wildlife and the native humans in the region. As a beast tribe, they engaged in trade quite often, usually spring waters and aces to the healing hotsprings that are around Caerloist.     The Maelstromers of Saalsland however hunted them in the past for their fur pelts. However there is very little record of this in the region, which makes it no more tha na rumor or exaggerated history of the more xenophobic human tribes. This did not stop the mythi from thriving however, as they can be found through out Maelstrom and ther world, often in roles of innkeeps, maids, or Magic instructors.
Scientific Name
Rodentia, Chordate
Beastkin, Mouse
70-80 years
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique
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