Lujan (Luu-jiin)

Lujans are a race of beastfolk that have ties to both the The Grey Realm and the The Material Realm in which all life exists. They have ties to Drinalis, as Drinalis had created the race in his image to act as servants and subjects. They are related to Lycans, however this state is a permanent state in which the most devout give up all humanity.

Basic Information


The Lujan resembles a bipdal canine-like humanoid that has all white fur and silver eyes that give a glow in the dark. They stand Digitigrade with claws on their hand and feet and a short tail. Its worth to note that thier fur is wither white or silver, and can give a small ambient glow in the moonlight. They stand with a slight hunch and stand at around five feet tall. They are very lean creatures that have a more athletic build than anything else.  
"They look like gnolls, but they are not, they have this..Ethereal aura about them that makes my fur stand on edge. The Lujan are a very creepy, yet fascinating kindred."
~Adventurer Rarori Huimi, a Foxian's Thought

Civilization and Culture


The History of the Lujan is shrouded in mystery, it is said that the race as created by Drinalis, the god of death in his image to be his assistants and servants. There are two types of Lujan, Pure bred and Ascended. Each one has a different origin, and is the only known species that can do this. The race is able to transition through the Grey and Material realms through a meditation that can have them physically swap with their aura in the realm. This makes them key people to explain the afetr life and how the realm behaves.  

Pure Bred Lujans

Pure bred Lujans are lujans that are born Lujan through the traditional ways of birth. They are said to be more powerful than those who have ascended. They are known to have a better connection to the moon and can fall back to a feral state of mind when lunacy is upon them. However they are taught by mentors to control this and able to remain sane at New and full Moons.  

Ascended Lujans

The first Lujans to ascended were previously human or mer race. These are Mers or Humans that dedicate themselves devoutly to the God of Death and the Moon in his name. The most faithful are rewarded with a transofmration into a Lujan to become one with the Pack. Pure-breds see these are servants over those of pureblood. The ascended retain all knowledge and personality of whom they were before they transformed. Beastfolk who under go this, do not turn into Lujans, however they aquire lujan-like traitos, such as fur color and eye color.  
"For I have accept Death, and shed my shell to become a servant of the Silver Reaper. I dedicate my life, and my existence to his guide and with my gift I shall share his blood. Death shall be my master, and I shall serve death until my soul flickers out."
~The Lujan Ascension Prayer.

Fallen Lujans

A fallen Lujan is a lujan who has fallen out of favor with Drinalis. They retain their form, however they are stripped of their Etheral shifting abilities. Slowly, they start to lose thier minds and lunacy shall turn them into Feral Lujans. A feral Lujan loses all sense of its humanity, and only knows one thing, and that's to sate its hunger for Souls and food.   However, not all fallen Lujans share this fate, there has been a handful that retain humanity and become Exiled. To maintain control of one's sanity can be trained. Usually the recently fallen Lujan starts this almost immediately after being smitten by Drinalis. They are rare, and often try to cover up their identity within the population centers of Gaia.  


Kindred are lujan who have passed on, due to thier devotion to death, they are able to freely wander Gaia without much resistance. However Kindred often reside in the Grey Realm, as guides for the recently departed. If one were to manifest in the Material realm, the yare often to be respected, as they are the final reward of a devout Lujan follower. Life after death, in a sense.  


The process in which a Lujan can transistion betweem the realms of the Dead and realms of the living is an act called an Etherealshift. Its a meditation that can transfer the soul and physical form of a creature to the realm of the dead. This is also observed in Spirit Dragons.   A Lujan learns this from the conclaves they are sent to. Once they learn this, the times of mediation can shift depending on how experienced the lujan is. the time to shift can be hours, to mere minutes, depending on how focused and experienced the lujan doing the meditation is.
Scientific Name
170-300 years
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