The True and Understood Story of all Creation

The True Story of Creation

This story is known only to the beings of the Second Sphere, also known as Gods in the world of Gaia, and the Ruler Angels of the Third Sphere such as Acariel and Remanon. Anyone who has sat down and spoken with Acariel in depth such as the Quest Lord Grandmasters and those they have divulged the truth to will also know this true depiction of creation.  

The Alphax and the Ohen

In the infinite beginning, there was only the Ohen the being of matter and the Alphax the being of anti-matter. The two opposing forces would perfectly cancel each other out in a constant state of creation and annihilation for one could not exist while an equal amount of the other existed. This continued for an undetermined amount of time creating a primordial nothingness in which time did not exist.   Then for an unknown reason, matter particles outnumbered the anti matter particles and the Ohen was able to gain the upper hand against its rival. In the first instant, the Seraphim were created out of the astounding surge of matter and energy that would come to shape the universe as we know it. Acting as extensions of the Ohen, the Seraphim pressed the advantage against the Alphax and annihilated nearly all the antimatter in the universe allowing creation to begin. The Halls of Time began to generate moments and the Realm of of Moments Passed chronicled them creating a fourth dimension that allowed time to begin moving linearly. As powerful as the Seraphim were, they could not completely annihilate the Alphax. So long as something exists, the Alphax would also continue to exist.    

The First Sphere Pantheon

  For eons, the universe expanded unhindered by the weakened Alphax pushing it further and further away from its center. Matter multiplied exponentially completely formless and without purpose. It became clear that the Alphax was truly tamed for the time being and the number of Seraphim needed to keep his annihilation at bay was beginning to diminish. With no other purpose or instruction given to them by their creator, the Ohen, the left over Seraphim began to explore what could be done with the immense abundance of matter now flowing through the universe. Laying down their arms and taking on a more curious mantra, these Seraphim would become the first Cherubim.   The Cherubim began to give form to matter. Using their nearly limitless energy, they created quarks. Quarks formed together to make particles. Particles became atoms. Atoms became elements. From the elements, the Elders created the first stars and planets. In essence, the Cherubim can be thought of as the creators of gravity and the nuclear forces that bind creation together. With the Seraphim using the limitless energy of the Ohen to expand the universe and the Cherubim staying behind to drive creation, these two entities created the First Sphere establishing themselves as the first true forces of nature. For a time, this was all that was needed until one fateful day on a planet circling just close enough to a star, a happy accident occurred.

The First Soul

  An anomaly unlike anything the Cherubim or the Seraphim had ever seen since the dawn of time shook the very foundations of the universe. The Ohen had vanished without a single trace. Though the Alphax still existed surrounding the entire universe, the Ohen was nowhere to be found. Within moments, a second anomaly took place that shocked even the all knowing Cherubim. The first truly living being lived and died in the blink of an eye leaving behind a small but infinitely indestructible ball of energy. The first soul. Stray traces of elements they created bonded together in an extremely unique way to emerge as a living cell. When this cell died, it left behind a trace of the mysterious energy that caused this collection of elements to live. The Cherubim focused in on this new phenomenon for only a brief moment in their eternal lives and before they could even give it a name, billions of others began to emerge. These souls were completely indestructible to even the nearly omnipotent power of the First Sphere. With the disappearance of the Ohen coinciding with the emergence, the Elders deduced that souls were the Ohen itself. In essence, the universe was beginning to evolve.   The Cherubim could see that over the eons, these souls would reattach themselves to other cells and eventually to each other forming multi-cellular organisms. As evolution continued, plants and animals began to populate this planet in unpredictable ways. Unsure of what to do, the Cherubim journeyed to the end of the universe to discuss this new event with the Seraphim.  

Heaven and Hell

  When the Cherubim delivered the news of the emergence of souls to the Seraphim, all of the First Sphere rejoiced but not for the same reason. The Cherubim believed that this evolution of the universe was a natural part of the Ohen's existence and that it should be protected and preserved from the Alphax, but the Seraphim believed this was an opportunity to seize the limitless power of the Ohen for themselves and use it to finally destroy the Alphax once and for all. This led to the first disagreement that soon erupted into the First War. The Seraphim seized half of the souls on the planet while the Cherubim rounded up the other half. The Cherubim created Heaven as a sanctuary for all souls to reside in harmony while the Seraphim created Hell as a prison for their captured souls. Each of the factions of the First Sphere acted as their domains' foundation unable to leave their planes without them collapsing entirely. This created an unbreakable stalemate between Heaven and Hell that will likely never be broken until the end of days.  

The Second Sphere Pantheon

  In light of this stalemate, the Alphax found itself unhindered by the occupied Seraphim unable to perform their duty from within Hell. The Alphax began to annihilate entire galaxies at a time as its antimatter worked its way closer and closer to the center of the universe. This dearly upset the Cherubim who labored for eons to craft them and the Seraphim who were incapable of felling their eternal foe. Without the Ohen there to stop it, the Alphax would completely annihilate all the matter in the universe creating an antimatter universe in its place.   This could not be allowed to happen by either faction of the First War. However, with both sides unwilling to break the stalemate, a different solution was needed. Using all of the countless souls in their perspective planes, the First Sphere created the Second Sphere Pantheon. The first beings within the Second Sphere were the Dominions. Though these beings could not begin to match the First Sphere in terms of all around strength, they were especially effective at keeping the Alphax at bay since they were made up entirely of souls and in turn made up entirely of the Ohen itself.   Once the Alphax was once again pushed back to the edge of the universe and expansion was allowed to continue, the First Sphere continued their feud as billions and billions of souls spawned into existence during this period of unrest. Both factions were shocked to see that more souls continued to emerge and reincarnate. However, both factions were still unable to leave the planes they created to house the souls they hoarded. It was then that the Dominions began to take initiative.   With the Alphax sufficiently weakened once again, only a single Dominion was needed to keep it at bay. This allowed the remaining Dominions to leave their post and travel freely between the universe and the external planes of Heaven and Hell gathering souls for their masters. These Dominions would continually do battle with one another under the orders of their First Sphere masters. This constant conflict would warp them into a different type of Second Sphere angel known as the Powers. The battles these epic forces would have with one another nearly destroyed the entire planet that housed the very souls they were sent to collect. To prevent this, the cherubim created the Four Strongholds. These Second Sphere angels were given the ability to use a portion of the Cherubim's power so long as the Cherubim commanded them to use it. The Strongholds highhandedly ended the conflict between the Powers and using the divine matter left behind from all of the dead Powers slain in the conflict, they crafted the Planar Gate to separate the Universe from the Great Beyond. With the last of their strength, the Strongholds enacted a divine balance to prevent either side of the First Sphere from sending the Powers to gather souls ever again. If one Second Sphere being entered the universe from one side, two from the other would be allowed to enter. This last miracle sent the 4 strongholds into a deep slumber at the edge of the universe. The 4 orbit around each other to this day generating the 3 magic particles that allow magic to exist in the universe. At their center lies Alfhiem: A chaotic side effect of sleeping gods leaking magic energy into the universe. For a time, there was peace as life continued to evolve untouched by either the Seraphim or the Cherubim, but this peace would not last forever.  

The Third Sphere

  The 4 Virtues made it so that the Powers and Dominions could not cross over into the universe without completely handing the planet of souls directly to the opposing side. This allowed the planet to evolve at its own pace unhindered by raging gods. At this point, enough reincarnated souls were able to bond together to form much more complex souls that began to approach the same level of self awareness as the Second Sphere Pantheon. These complex souls were even able to cross the Planar Gate into the Great Beyond but would become trapped on the other side lost in the inbetween space dubbed Purgatory by the Second Sphere Pantheon. Powers and Dominions from both sides rushed to Purgatory to gather up these souls, but found that after eons of passivity, their strength had drastically waned. They found that these new complex souls somehow had traces of their own power residing within them. When these new souls were taken to Heaven and Hell, they were exposed to brilliance of the Seraphim and the Cherubim and the first angels and devils of the Third Sphere were created.   These new far weaker beings were a hybrid of mortal and Second Sphere Pantheon. They were capable of crossing over back and forth between the universe and the Great Beyond without upsetting the divine balance set in place by the 4 Virtues. Under the command of the Dominions of Heaven, the guardian angels would collect the stranded souls of Purgatory while the devils of Hell would enslave them in the name of the Dominions of Hell. The Third Sphere beings would be separated based on their strength and leadership skills. The weakest and most numerous of the Third Sphere were the Guardian Angels and Slaver Devils which served under their perspective Arch-Angels and Arch-Devils which in turn served under their Rulers. Guardian Angels would gather souls and bring them to Heaven to be purified into Celestials while Slaver Devils would enslave stranded souls and bring them to Hell to be corrupted into demons. At first this was the only way the First and Last War would be fought, but it would soon become far more complicated.  

The Final Emergence

  Life on the planet of souls began to reach its peak. Smaller souls of cells would bond together to make organisms with souls far greater than the sum of their parts. As these greater souls reincarnated over and over again, the level of consciousness they experienced began to rival that of the Third Sphere and even the Second Sphere. They were no longer animals simply searching mindlessly for sustenance, they were beings capable of desire and compassion. In essence, they were able to either purify or corrupt themselves without the need of outside interference. Before they even reached the Great Beyond, souls were already taking on the forms their choices, actions, and experiences molded them to become. Pious, selfless, and compassionate souls would embody the pure essence of oneness that the Ohen represented thereby morphing a neutral soul into a Celestial. Impious, selfish, and destructive souls would embody the rage and warmongering Seraphim thereby morphing them into Demons.   It soon became clear to both sides that the mortals of the world were becoming responsible for the well being of their own souls and were capable of making their own choices. For the first time since the dawn of creation, the outcome of the First and Last War was not in the hands of the almighty First Sphere. This notion merely intrigued the First Sphere, but terrified the Second. Unable to accept the unspoken authority of the newly emerging mortals, the Second Sphere began to take matters into their own hands and what they did next would set the foundations for the most powerful and driving force in the known world. Religion.  

The Rise of Religion

  With the tide of the war swinging back and forth out of control and the First Sphere remaining silent on the matter, the Second Sphere Pantheon grew restless of their lack of control. Since the sway of the battle was constantly relying on the decisions made by the mortals, both sides of the Second Sphere sought to influence these decision in any way they could. Across the planet, the Second Sphere Devils would send Demons to influence the minds of the easily manipulated mortals and subtly corrupt them. In response, the Second Sphere Angels would send Guardian Angels to intercept these demons and send them right back to Hell. These battles would be witnessed by emerging civilizations all over the world and inevitably, religions began to form around them.   Soon, the mortals began to learn the names of the so called Gods that protected them from the Guardian Angels and so they began to worship these individual Second Sphere Angels as if they were the one true God. It was then that the Second Sphere discovered something immense. When a mortal partakes in worship, they effectively bond their soul to the God they intend to worship. This in turn merges the souls that make up that god with all the souls that worship them allowing them to regain portions of the strength they lost while battling one another before the formation of the Planar Gate. The instant the devils of the Second Sphere found this out, they too began to try and fool the people into believing that they were the true gods of the world so that they may too share in the untapped supply of energy granted by the mortals. To this day, the confusion wrought by the rise of religion has resulted in countless conflicts and death, but also provided many civilizations with a foundation of good morals with the promise of eternal paradise as a reward. Like all things in the universe, religion had its share of good and evil.   The tide of the First and Last War continues to sway back and forth as it will continue to do so until the end of days. The only hope of an end is for one side to finally overpower the other allowing either the Seraphim or the Cherubim to create their vision of the universe. If Heaven wins, life will be allowed to continue to pursue oneness uninfluenced by the First Sphere until it one day is able to mature into what the Ohen intended. If Hell wins, all life will be enslaved and used as a weapon to destroy the Alphax allowing the universe to expand infinitely without the constant fear of complete annihilation. Though the Halls of Time have infinitely many roads, there are only two ways the universe will end. All we can do is live the best we can and hope the right one occurs.


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