Destra Reborn

Fey Monsters on the Loose Several fey monsters who serve Saffron often sneak off into neighboring regions to wreak havoc. Residents of Millhaven have insisted that some kind of deranged tall long necked beast has made off with 3 of their women and fled south toward the Roskerg wilderness.   The Brigr County Rebellion The occupying knights have forbidden any form of organized militia training and heavily assaulted one of the raptors when they attempted to practice in secret. The Roskerg soldiers have begun to spend days in the tavern drinking the place dry and even refusing to pay for damages. One of Brigr County's women will be assaulted on her wedding day causing her to miscarry her baby.   Saffron and Lord Morach Blue have overtaken Destra and have put their plan into action. Saffron has taken up residence as the lord of Mapplehollow and surrounding woods under the protection of King Venislav. He has expelled all non fey and fey who opposed him and has begun a massive deforestation in an attempt to break the spell hiding the Obberon Tree. Once it is found, he and his generals will begin construction on a weapon that will destroy the tree for good if King Pinecone refuses to meet Saffron's demands. Destroying the tree could lead to untold consequences that could level half of the region if he isn't stopped.   If the party wants any hope of stopping him, they will need an army on their side. Lord Blue will do everything within his power as King Venislav to halt their progress towards Maplehollow. IF he is killed first, then they will be free to end Saffron uninteruppted.   One group is heading to Katya to try and restore Leon's memory by taking a trip to the Realm of Moments Passed.   In order to heal Leon's dying memory, the group will need to astral project to the Realm of Moments Passed in order to help Leon relive moments of his past. They will need to visit 4 major memories. One from his recent death, One from his adult life, One from his teenage years, and one from his child hood. Some of these memories were repressed, but will become clear as he ventures forth.   Reliving death. Leon will need to witness his own demise once again. He sees how strong he has become but also sees how far he has to go.   Adult Life Leon will need to witness his greatest defeat at the hands of the Satyr General, Vrayon, and see Muill die again. The dying raptors produce hostile shadows that will attack the party and each other. Muill's shadow proves to be the most challenging.   Teenage years Leon will relive the moment he hunted his first buck.   Childhood years Leon learns that his mother was ridiculed and cast away from her adopted family for having a baby out of wedlock. Leon gets a good look at his father for the first time. His name is Arvid. He witnesses his father walking out on his mother and claiming Leon is not his child. He was born with too dark a complexion and black hair that was led Arvid to believe Leon's mother was unfaithful to him.   Aysel is remaining in Brigr County hoping to stall for time.   The rest of the group is planning on securing allies. The most powerful potential allies they can find are the Wings of the Phoenix, the Radoii Tribe, and Delilah's fey. If at least 2 of these allies are secured, the people of Destra may rally to aid them.   The Radoii The Radoii tribe already to intend to rebel, but will refuse to fight alongside fey. They have an eternal disdain for all fey and will not meet with anyone of that species.   Delilah Delilah and her fey are potential allies that can be recruited if the party considers them. They can be convinced to fight if the party already knows of Saffron's ritual to destroy the obberon tree. She knows the horrifying consequences that could occur if that happens.   The Wings In order to secure the help of the Church, the group will need to find a way to expose Saffron as a fraudulent servant of the church. In truth, Bishop Ramburg has been trying to find evidence of serious cult activity within Mapplehollow, but so far the most they could accomplish is planting evidence in order to execute small groups of careless fey. A high ranking church spy has just arrived in Lakeshade on a mission to find something the Church can use to oust a ruler. They can accompany him on his mission.   Mapplehollow has been completely changed. The small fey population there has been allowed to live there to keep up appearances and generate taxes while Saffron's main army sets up shop in the woods outside the region to begin setting up the Alva Kai. The Tree Destroyer. The people there will not hinder the group in any way and will tell them everything they know.   The new alderman of the region will know that Saffron's people only come into town to ensure taxes have been paid to the church and to enforce their rule. As of now, only general Apioc is in charge of keeping the peace while the people of Mapplehollow slave away tirelessly to grow tremendous amounts of poppy flowers instead of producing lumber. When Saffron's forces leave the region, they do so in 3 different directions. One way leads southeast towards an abandoned quarry, another heads north east towards an old grove, and another leads east towards unknown territory. The group will need to find their way through the monster infested woods in order to gather further info.   Many of the monsters of the woods are under the command of a leshy. Saffron has purchased the alliance of the leshy by providing it with loads of its favorite snack. Opium poppy flowers. The leshy gobbles them up gluttonously and will keep the monsters at bay so long as he is provided with these flowers. If the group destroys this field of poppies, Saffron will send 2 generals and a small army to severly punish the people of Mapplehollow and see to it that the leshy lays blame to the people and not to the fey. Killing the leshy will unleash hell upon Saffron's operation and force him to kill the monsters that were guarding his borders.   If the group can bring a detailed report to the bishop, he will declare Saffron an enemy of the empire that must be stopped. The group will gain the alliance of the Wings of the Phoenix and Venislav will be put on trial for allying with a Beyonder. He will claim ignorance and as a gesture of good will, he will send a small army to aid in retaking Mapplehollow from the fey. Time will be of the essence though, for all will be lost if Saffron succeeds in destroying the Obberon Tree. He will either succeed in forcing his father to surrender the throne of Vaux or he will kill everyone within a 10 mile radius.   The Final Battle in Mapplehollow As soon as he sees the army coming for him, he will move up the time table. This will anger Lord Blue for he does not want the tree destroyed. If Saffron is defeated, Lord Blue will leave King Venislav's body hanging in Brigr County great hall with a letter.   "That is twice now you have gotten in our way. Enjoy your well earned peace while you can, for we will be watching you always."   ~The Doppelganger Council


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