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This is the world of the very near future. Where the Vraxxian people laned their ship in the year 1922, and have lived amongst us peacefully for nearly a century. The world where the various races of shifters continue to exist in secret, maintaining the delicate anonymity of the veil while protecting humanity from the evils that would befall it. This world is a bit different than ours, although much the same at its core. Where, before the rewriting of history, She wept in sorrow and pain, now Gaia rejoices and thrives. Her forests and natural jungles buzz and are alive with the flora and fauna that once dwelled within them, but dwindled dangerously on the edge of extinction. The cities that dot her surface have changed and been rebuilt, reaching high into the sky with elegantly shaped, twisting and towering structures. The technology that the Vraxxians brought with them has allowed the creation of a man-made fuel that causes zero impact on the world as a whole. Through the use of that technology humanity, along with their new Vraxxian cousins, have been able to found colonies on the moon, along with Mars and several of the satellites of the various worlds throughout the solar system.

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