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This is The World of Not Final Fantasy, Not Not Final Fantasy and Not Not Final Fantasy — 2.

At the dawn of Gaia's history, a war of extreme consequences took place; by the end of the war, the aetherial sea had been changed forever. Some reactions take longer than others but are happening all the same. Gaia is once again in a state of flux. Whether it will be for the better or, the worse, is in the hands of its inhabitants. The crystals of legend are once again appearing, and strange creatures of immense strength have begun to appear. Rumors of a new deity and a new astral war have started to spread, and suspicion spreads with it. The world holds great beauty, mystery, happiness, catastrophe, blessings, and suffering. Do the people appreciate what they have, and are they willing to fight for it? Are they ready to change for it? Are they willing to kill for it? Are they prepared to die for it? Will the inhabitants of Gaia repeat the misunderstandings of the past or carve their own path to a better future?