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Gademu (Galaxias de Magnum Universum)

3467-03-16, current date in Gademu

Created by

Gademu, derived from GadeMU (Galaxias de Magnum Universum).  


This is the Earth Access Point (EAPx442) for the Godd Station Catalog Network (GSCN). Unless otherwise stated, elements are rendered in the following format:
Format: Standard4 Language: English (best translation) Name Encoding: 114b Access: Public
  The data provided here is collated from thousands of data banks throughout known space. GSCN would like to thank The Acrylian Imperial Science Institute; The Harivenam Catalogue; The Central Imperial Archive; The members of the GSCN-Acrylian Research Agreement; The Karaellian Scientific Division; The Xiatti Information Consortium; The Gala4 Data Archive, and countless others for their cooperation and contribution to this store.   NB: not all GSCN articles have been translated to your language and may not be available through this link.