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What if all realities that are fictional or real, through all universes, were shared? What if there was a dimension out of any normal space and time, that existed in constant contact with all other multiverses? A place that could randomly borrow a world, location, or even just person? What would a planet that called this place, of convergence, home be like?   This was the thought experiment that I gave myself to create my first world. The Lost Sector with it's twin dancing suns and the planet that spins at a safe and stationary distance away, Géfyra, was the answer I created for that question.   Géfyra, the world of many, the bridge of realities. It reflects the dimension it calls home. It's vast and many locations cover everything from high tech mega city civilizations, to sprawling wilderness with warring tribes. From towns and cities of modern humans, to a floating continent with an angelic race that studies magic. A massive multicolored crystal dessert, to deep underwater cities made inside massive hand grown living coral. All under a sky full of missing worlds, and pockets of locations floating around between.   For those people that have been siphoned away from their home world alone, they usually can find someplace on the planet to call home. Though it may require a bit of adventuring to find.

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