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This is a very odd state of affairs we find ourselves in. For millennia, we Humans have been seemingly alone in the galaxy. When the war took so much from us, we stopped looking to the future and started looking to the past. We were no longer determined to learn, only determined to survive. We squabbled amongst ourselves while our fledgling colonies starved. Some of us tried to hold onto the edge of that endless abyss of devolution, but most of us murdered and conquered to our heart's content, having all but forgotten our roots of learning and advancement. Only a select few nations held together, and then only just. Humanity seemed on the edge of the greatest dark age it had ever known.   Until they arrived. They need no introduction. They found our abandoned colonies, our burnt cities, and bloodied bodies. They could have annihilated the rest of us, but they didn't. They did something many of us consider foolish or wasteful. They saved us, not from death but from devolution. There's no denying it. If they wish us harm, then why give us the weapons to fight back? If they want us gone, then why reveal to us the miracles of medicine?   Some of you still hold onto your guarded and fearful ways from before the war. Let me remind you, how did the Transpacific Alliance survive this crisis until now? By standing united. Regardless of race, gender, or nationality. We stood together because we had to, but did we not grow closer as a result? Sometimes, our trust was betrayed, yes, but if we never trusted then we would have slid back down the steep slope of evolution into the pit of barbarism. We are the select few who remained truly Human. We kept hold of that Human desire to be better, to go further, to fly higher.   I ask you now, what would we be if we had stayed distrustful and divided? We would be dead or mad. Now, as the future itself hovers over our heads in gleaming vessels and whirring ships, how can you say we shouldn't join them? We have kept hold of that Human desire to be better, to go further, to fly higher, for years of hardship. This is our chance to go higher than our ancestors ever imagined! This is our chance to not just survive but evolve!   This is our chance, Humanity. Let us not waste it.  
— Edward Fielding's speech on Habie-Human cooperation
    (Credit for the above image to Fanny Poulain: