The Empire of Aldelgis

The empire's strength does not come from its weaponry, nor from its military numbers. But from the passionate hearts and devout souls of its peoples.

- Empirical Commander, Cordt Staigmer


Origins of an Empire

  Before the First Lord Emperor sat upon his throne ruling over his empire and the people within, Aldelgis was a cold, dark, and often dangerous land. Bereft of safety, a noble cause, and lacking in the uproarious faith and devotion that the Aldelgian people who become known for. Before the dragon Nilgaar was slain, before the emperor brought peace and community to the people of his land, all that was held within were the desperate survivors of a frozen land. Bound together struggling to survive, huddled together in tiny villages praying that they would survive the coming winters and the starving beasts that stalked them in the cold night.   The only known refuge lied within the protected walls of the Wulfetier Circlet a vast and formidable mountain range that surrounds the territory that would one day become The Crown City of Elric. Within these solid walls of stone and crystal were lands protected for the harsh frosts and snow that plagued the rest of Aldelgis. But none dared enter these lush lands as living within the tall peaks of the mountains was Nilgaar, a venerable and territorial dragon that stripped and burnt the flesh off of anyone foolish enough to enter his domain. So, the meek inhabitants of pre-Aldelgis stayed away and carved out a bleak existence.   Until one day an adventuring knight returning from years abroad saw his native lands in peril. He saw a people that were suffering, and he knew that something had to be done before it was too late. This man was Arlof Volkstadt, and one day soon he would give his people hope and bring about the birth of The Empire of Aldelgis.

  Volkstadt would rally thousands of those living in the wilds outside the Wulfetier Circlet, and march them straight into Nilgaar's territory. A brazen and dangerous act that would most certainly raise the ire of the ancient dragon. Volkstadt and his closest allies knew it was a miracle that they hadn't been attacked by Nilgaar the moment they had entered his domain. So Volkstadt worked quickly, he told his followers to build shelters and to lay down seed for the coming seasons. Confused by this request he was asked "Why do such a thing when the battle has not been won yet?" in which Volkstadt would reply, "The battle against Nilgaar is just the first in a long war that our people face. We must be strong, and for that, we require a home to lay roots in and to fight for. Now and forever this land is ours. Do not forget that."   This statement would be passed through all those that followed Volkstadt, resonating and instilling in these first people of Aldelgis a pride and a strength to fight for their home no matter the odds. And so, they began building and farming, as their soon to be ruler planned for his journey to the dragon's lair.   Acting as fast as he could, knowing Nilgaar could strike at any moment, Volkstadt gathered his closest confidantes together to prepare. It is said that on the last night before Volkstadt ventured into the mountain peaks to confront Nilgaar, he spoke to as many people as he could, telling them stories of his adventures and calming those who worried for their safety. On the morning of their departure, the priests that would form the First Aldelgian Ildyr Diocese led a group prayer to Ildyr, praying for the success and safe return of Volkstadt and his party.   Volkstadt and his party would soon depart into the vast and unexplored dangers of the Wulfetier Circlet. No word or sign came from the party for many weeks, some believed they had been lost and had perished on the snowy slopes of the mountains, others believed that Nilgaar had spotted them while they had slept and slain them all in one mighty breathe. But one night, when hope was nearly lost, the sounds of a dragon's mighty call could be heard echoing across the entire region. And then, sounds of battle, flashes of flame and magic sparking in the night sky over the mountain tops. Finally, a dragon's anguished call, then silence. A silence so deep that the future citizens and families of Aldelgis could only deign to follow suit, keeping quiet until the morning light finally dared to crest over the mountain tops.    And with the light came a weary and battle-scarred Arlof Volkstadt, only he and one of his companions had survived the battle with Nilgaar, but the dragon had been slain. Volkstadt having driven his sword through the beast's cruel heart. The valley had finally been freed from its tyranny.

The citizens rejoiced, relieved and filled with hope for the first time. Despite this, Volkstadt kept a sombre mood, knowing well that this was only the beginning and that much work was left to come before his burgeoning nation found true safety. A crowning ceremony was held on the very day that Volkstadt returned, held at the base of an enormous waterfall. He would be granted the title of Lord Emperor and his first decree would be the christening and official birth of The Empire of Aldelgis. And with that, the empire was born and all those that followed him and all those that stayed in their homes in the wilds were named citizens of Aldelgis.   Afterwards, immediate construction of a town begun, it would be named the Crown City of Elric by the newly crowned First Lord Emperor of Aldelgis, Arlof Volkstadt. Volkstadt would sit on his throne within the first of the architectural wonders of Elric, Volkstadt Castle, which still sits guarding the capital city at the base of the vast and shimmering Lumeria Falls.   Today, The Empire of Aldelgis is considered one of the most powerful in the entire continent with its people being known as strong-willed, devout, and industrious. It is a silly notion that any man, woman, or nation stands a chance against the strength of will and mighty hand of The Empire of Aldelgis.  


The vast majority of the population of Aldelgis are born within its borders and very few people are allowed to immigrate from the broader world into the northern nation. As such, the demographic within the empire is almost entirely those born there.   However, a distinct mix of races still lives across the breadth of the empire including Half-Elves, Murinae, and hardier subraces of the Avanii people. Though the vast majority of families living within Aldelgis are human.
Dwarves also live within Aldelgis but typically stick to isolated communities in the mountains where they keep to themselves. It is rare but not unheard of to see Dwarves living in Aldelgian cities, most find the bustling nature of cities too stimulating.   Races that are shunned and typically looked down upon are the so-called monstrous races like Orcs (full-blooded and mixed), Goblins and their subrace Coblyn, and the like. Though in recent years many of these monstrous races have begun to migrate south-eastward towards the safety and inclusion of Raum'alur.

Travelling and Immigration Restrictions

Over the years Aldelgis has become increasingly secluded in nature, preferring to focus on its own national born citizens and the issues that present themselves within their own borders. This is a contentious point, often argued over by various groups, some believe it is best the empire keeps to and focuses on itself, while others believe the empire will only thrive further if an influx of new citizens is allowed from other nations. The current stance from those governing the empire believes that loosening immigration would be inviting trouble that Aldelgis is just not willing to deal with and frankly hasn't been willing to risk for many years already.   Even travelling to the country can be a difficult and even dangerous task, as the empire has become very strict with whom they even allow in. All visitors must currently attain permission to even cross the border, having to receive and then submit a recommendation from a natural-born citizen to the guards at their time of entry. Even if this is provided the guards may deny their access to the country if they feel anything is amiss with their reasons for being there. If they are allowed into the country each approved visitor is given a permission tag, which is a simply bound document that states the individual's information including the reason for their stay and the expiration of their allotted time in Aldelgis. At any time this permission tag may be revoked and the visitor may be ejected from the country at the nearest border crossing.   If for any reason someone enters the empire illegally and without the proper permission tag they could risk facing extreme consequences. Most illegal visitors are promptly removed from the empire via the closest border crossing, this includes even the more remote eastern border where the trespasser would have to face an assortment of dangers, not excluding the jagged and impossibly deep scar that runs across the western border of The Ruined Plateau of Thysduin. However, if for any reason the illegal visitor is deemed of any concern to national security a fate much worse could befall them. People have been known to be taken into custody and interrogated for long periods of time, having any and all desired information rung out of them. If the interrogators are satisfied and the visitor is lucky enough they will be freed and escorted out of the country. If not, the illegal visitor may end up finding themselves incarcerated indefinitely, or worse, sent to work in the mines of the Wulfetier Circlet under charges of sabotage and attacks against the nation.   If visiting seemed difficult, immigrating to Aldelgis is even more difficult a task, nearly impossible in most cases. Only a handful of outside individuals are granted permission to stay permanently in Aldelgis each year. If a potential new citizen seeks a new home in Aldelgis, they again must acquire a recommendation, but in this case, it must be from someone of higher standing and reputation in Aldelgian society. This person must vouch for them and is responsible for any mishaps that may occur upon or after their initial arrival. Review of this recommendation is extensive and often takes close to a year as it passes through various hands as they ensure the candidate will be an asset to whatever community they are seeking to join. If the individual is approved, they may enter the country and must immediately head to their new home. Here they are required to swear fealty to the empress and to the Ildyr Diocese, promising that they will not spread ill will or harm the empire in any way and that if they do they must accept any punishment as just and fair. Again, much like with visitors this agreement may be swiftly revoked if the new citizen is deemed an issue.


The Empire of Aldelgis is a vast stretch of land located at the northwesternmost tip of the continent, it is one of the largest nations on the continent and would take nearly sixty days of travel on foot to travel from its most western city of Elric to its most eastern city of Leonhard.   In between are vast swathes of coniferous forests, freshwater lakes, and vast mountain ranges, easily being the most concentrated of all three on the continent. The only two nations that come close to the sheer size of Aldelgis are its geographic and political rivals in Heldrin, located across the empire's southern borders. And Baizair a vast and arid nation that lies on the opposite end of the continent stretched across the majority of its eastern coast.   The breadth of Aldelgis' beauty is staggering, it is a landscape in which the view of a mountain peak, the shimmering depth of a freshwater lake, or the rustling leaves of an ancient forest is never far from reach.


Mountain Ranges

Wulfetier Circlet   The soaring peaks of the Wulfetier Circlet mountain range, dotted with dark spires of rock and thick pillars of blue Ether Crystal, encircle and protect the lush farmlands outside of The Crown City of Elric. This enormous mountain range is laden with rare materials that are mined on a non-stop basis for use by the empire.   This includes the powerful Ether Crystals, which is an element that can store magical energy and power wondrous and often destructive devices. It is rumoured that these crystals can only be found within these mountains.
The Gilded Mountains   This mountain range stretches along the northern border of Aldelgis. They are largely unexplored due to dangerous monsters and even deadlier weather.   Many ancient and mythical things are said to lie hidden within them, including numerous dwarven settlements and mines. Some believe that the legendary Golden Pass lies somewhere within its peaks.

Interesting Locations

The Crown City of Elric   The capital city and birthplace of The Empire of Aldelgis. Here is the largest concentration of power and might in all the empire and arguably the world. The city is home to over 325’000 citizens all of which are protected by the formidable Edler Shield, a translucent barrier, powered by an enormous Ether Crystal, that domes the entire city on the command of the empress.
Culdaer Hot Springs and Ski Lodge   The old village of Culdaer resides at the base of the mythical Gilded Mountains. Culdaer holds its roots as an old mining community but after the discovery of a series of underground hot springs a few decades ago it has quickly morphed into a picturesque and highly sought-after getaway for those looking to relax, ski, and get away from their arduous daily lives.

Political Structure

The Empire of Aldelgis has always been ruled by a Lord Emperor/Empress, starting with its first in Arlof Volkstadt and currently with Lord Noble Empress Aristea Odessa Sunnhild.   Regardless of who sits ruling over the empire, they have always done so on the throne that sits within the ageing halls of Volkstadt Castle in the Crown City of Elric. This long line of rulers has not made the country a success without the help of others.
While major decisions and policy come directly from the throne, sometimes upon the advice of an advisor, most minor decisions and local governance are taken care of by numerous people who work in tandem under an umbrella that eventually leads to the empress.   Each city is run by a Baron, who in turn doles out responsibilities to his own staff that in turn handle an assortment of tasks that ensure the proper daily dealings of running a city get taken care of.
The Sunnhild Family and the First Empresses of Aldelgis
  For countless generations the Volkstadt family line held the throne, hundreds of emperors from his line helped guide the nation through innumerable victories, losses, times of excess, and times of starvation. Until one day, the last emperor of the Volkstadts died without an heir and the throne was left without a Volkstadt to sit upon it for the first time in its long life.   However, before the emperor passed he had been marked to marry the heiress of the noble line of the Sunnhild family. It was decided upon by the nobles of Aldelgis that the only course of action that made sense was to put the Sunnhild family on the throne as the Sunnhild heiress would have been the one to continue the Volkstadt family line anyways if the emperor had survived past their wedding day. As such the first Lord Noble Empress of Aldelgis, the "Noble" part of the title being added on request of the first empress, would sit upon the throne and rule.   The first few years of rule under the Sunnhild family were controversial, especially when the new empress announced that she would continue using her family name of Sunnhild and would not adopt the historical name of Volkstadt. While the citizens of Aldelgis grumbled at this decision it only created a minor uproar. However, when the empress announced that henceforth the nation would be ruled under her family's matriarchal line. Meaning the nation would have a crowned Empress for as long as the Sunnhild family sat on the throne, the nation nearly revolted. But thankfully this uproar was avoided when the citizens of Aldelgis realized that it wasn't worth going to war over and that the Sunnhild family line was not destined for a long stay on the throne anyway.   But nothing could be further from the truth, as the Sunnhild family continues to rule to this day, with the role of empress being passed down from mother to daughter for several generations now. And as these years passed and the Sunnhild empresses continued to rule, their popularity would grow. The Sunnhilds would push Aldelgis into a modern age, discovering and harnessing the power of Ether Crystals on a large scale for the first time, creating and installing the Edler Shield over the Crown City of Elric, and helping to, somewhat, calm the tensions between Aldelgis and their eternal rival Heldrin.

Lord Noble Empress Aristea Odessa Sunnhild
  Currently, the throne is held by Lord Noble Empress Aristea Odessa Sunnhild. A young woman who has barely entered her second decade of life was thrust into the role of ruler after her mother Lord Noble Empress Otillia Aldona Sunnhild tragically passed away from a sudden illness.   Due to the empress's youth, a council of close confidantes was formed in order to help guide her in the important daily dealings of running one of the most powerful nations in the world. For the first two years of her rule, Empress Aristea Odessa Sunnhild held very little actual sway or decision making powers. Her council and increasingly her people viewed her more as a figurehead to cart out during special events.   However, after a recent attempted coup made by former Arch Bishop Grigory Alstaf and his cult of fanatics, rampant corruption was found within the state and the diocese, including the empress's own council. This has spurred the empress to take a firmer role in the ruling of her nation. She has begun the enormous undertaking of rooting out the remaining corruption left by Alstaf sympathizers and spies. This included choosing her own council of trusted advisors who instead of ruling in her stead, only help in guidance and teaching. The current council includes the likes of Grand Archon Ziffaris Furold Bodo, Arch Bishop Notker Aldelgeis, and Empirical Commander Cordt Staigmer, with the other three seats currently sitting empty while the empress looks for suitable replacements.

Military and Religion

The Empire of Aldelgis is known for many things, chief among them is their formidable military forces and their devout and ever-present clergy. Many citizens find themselves either within one of these institutions or working alongside one or them due to conscription services or faith-driven volunteer work.  
Aldelgian Illdyr Dioces   This faith-driven institute is the largest of its kind on the continent and is devoted to the God of Light, Judgment and Justice - Ildyr. The Aldelgian Ildyr Diocese is also the oldest institution in all Aldelgis outside of the throne, having been formed shortly after the first emperor took the crown.   The vast majority of citizens pray to Ildyr daily, and the church has vowed to help guide the devote of Aldelgis to their lofty religious goals. The diocese also has a large hand in helping to govern the nation, as the Arch Bishop, and leader of the Ildyr faithful has historically held a close place amongst each ruler's side.
The Empirical Army of Aldelgis   Having the strength to protect one's homeland is one of the tenets that the Aldelgian people live by, and by this tenet the Empirical Army was born from. Much like the diocese the armed forces were established soon after the formation of the empire.   Now, the military force of Aldelgis number in the tens of thousands with hundreds of military outposts, patrols, and the like guarding the people of Aldelgis across its entirety. The chances of finding oneself enlisting in the army are quite high as the benefits and pay are quite high regardless of station and due to the empire's reputation, it is rare that any outside forces cause any trouble for active members.


    The powerful Ether Crystal has allowed the empire to truly surge ahead of other nations in military might. Ether Crystal Technomancers are taught and operate out of Ayer College in Elric, here they tinker and come up with new designs and technology that can harness the power of Ether Crystals. Most of these technologies are for military use and are incredibly powerful. These weapons include the formidable mechanized suits known as Vanguard Armour, Ether Guards which magically empower normal weaponry when clasped upon them, and the experimental Volthammer Rifle which has the ability to fire a concentrated beam of energy at its foes.   Other items not associated with weaponry have also been invented including Ether Lanterns that are now found in cities across most of Aldelgis. Though the majority of these technologies are not available to citizens, though some nobles have acquired lanterns and Ether Cross Guards at an exorbitant cost.   One of the most impressive pieces of technology developed using Ether Crystals is the Crown Train of the Empress which ferries nobles, merchants, the military, and most importantly the empress from one end of the empire to the other in a fraction of the time it would take on foot.   Another piece of technology currently in development are single or duo person aircraft that can propel their riders off the ground and soar through the air. Once this technology has been mastered the Technomancers of Ayer College intend to move onto larger projects and possibly even a full-sized airship.

Mining   Aldelgis has extensive mining operations that run nearly the entire expanse of their territory. Ether Crystals are mined from large spires and underground clusters from the Wulfetier Circlet near Elric in the west, while Iron and Copper can be found in the smaller Silder Mountain which is mined by the nearby residences of Gerwin.   Strangely enough, much of The Gilded Mountains have not been mined as past attempts to capitalize on the huge expanse of mountain failed as all expedition sent into their peaks never came back. Most think that the mountains contain nefarious and dangerous spirits of fallen dwarven warriors, who even in the afterlife protect their homeland with an unending ferocity.
Farming   Outside of the Wulfetier Circlet, in which farmers grow all sorts of crops in its fertile soil, farmers struggle to grow much of interest in the unforgiving and often frozen dirt. Most farmland across the empire is devoted to hardier root vegetables like turnips, potatoes, and parsnips. Though other common vegetables like kale, lambs lettuce, and chard are kept rooted year-round only trimming them back once a proper yield has grown.   One notable crop that is grown specifically in central Aldelgis in and around the forested borders of Aldur is the Ash Berry Tree, which grows blossoms of tightly clustered berries during the colder months of winter. Harvesting them can be tricky due to frigid temperatures but their sour profile makes a delicious wine that can only be found being made by the brewers of Aldur.
  Aldelgis is also known for its sturdy and effective weaponry. Eschewing form and beauty for function and effectiveness. The military has a great need for reliable weaponry, as such the government has acquisitioned hundreds of blacksmiths from across the entire empire. Each must make a certain number of weapons for the army each year. In return, they are given a healthy stipend and the crown pays a portion of their yearly housing fees.   Many find this arrangement agreeable and gladly accept the work, while others find it stifling and believe the forced work impedes the quality of weapons and armour a blacksmith can make. And worse yet it sucks up time they could be using to create masterpieces instead of cookie-cutter tools for the military. However, that being said, Aldelgian master-crafted weapons do exist. Many of which have come from the twin brothers Bjorgulf and Mordus Silverbrow. Who still find the time to create beautiful and custom pieces of weaponry despite the army's heavy reliance on them.

Trade Embargo

As many know, Aldelgis has a very tense relationship with their closest neighbour Heldrin. Over several hundred years the two have fought on and off, eternal rivals, one trying to one-up the other in terms of strength and success. This rivalry in turn has created enough tension that Aldelgis has upheld a longrunning trade embargo with their southern neighbours that has stretched on for a few decades now. It is extremely rare for any Aldelgian goods to find their way into Heldrin and vice versa.   However, due to the attempts of a few enterprising individuals this trade embargo may yet see some leniency. As conversations are being held that may allow a very small amount of trade to pass between the city of Aldur in southern Aldelgis and a currently under construction trade outpost that lies only a few hours from the Aldelgis/Heldrin border crossing.   Aldelgis in general very rarely trades with any nation, preferring to rely on its own ingenuity and resources and not squander them by selling them for use elsewhere. However, unlike Heldrin there are no official trade bans with any other nation. So, as long as the proper permissions are received a merchant may dabble in trade with other countries. Though the number of items allowed to be sold or traded is limited to a strict number both in variety and in quantity. Furthermore, each item imported is subject to an import fee and must undergo a thorough quality and safety inspection. As such, these imported items go for a premium cost once they enter the Aldelgian market.
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Neighboring Nations
by Joshua Stewart
The Coat of Arms for Aldelgis

Is it True?
While Aldelgis' origin legend certainly has its contemptuous points and is fantastical in nature, the broad strokes are widely accepted as the true origins of the now mighty empire. Several versions of the same legend include variations in how long Volkstadt was away in the mountains, how Nilgaar was slain, and exactly how old Volkstadt was when he became emperor with most believing he was in his late thirties or early forties.
Honorifics and Titles
The Aldelgian aristocracy loves their fancy titles, as such, you will see all sorts of fanciful titles adorned across the names of individuals in the military, the clergy, and on the throne. Examples of these titles are, Empirical Commander, Grand Archon, Arch Bishop, and Lord Noble Empress.
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Lord Noble Empress Aristea Odessa Sunnhild


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